Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but sometimes you’re hurting your natural beauty by jumping on certain trends that aren’t exactly popular with men. If you’re hitting the dating scene, you might be interested in avoiding a few beauty ideas and tricks that might turn a lot of men off.

Remember to be yourself, but you should also learn why there are some beauty trends men hate, and decide if you can get over any of them when you’re looking for a partner. First impressions count, and avoiding these beauty trends can help you make a great one.

1. Impenetrable Foundation

Layers of makeup can hide most imperfections, but they also end up looking fake. When your face and neck have different colors, you’re overdoing your makeup. A lightweight foundation is the best way to go to highlight your natural beauty, and using less powder also helps in avoiding the caked up look. Use the concealer thoughtfully and avoid too many layers.

2. Overdone Hair

Using too many products on your hair can help you get a flawless look, but it also makes your locks a lot less easy to caress, that’s why overdone hair is one of the beauty trends men hate. 

Big Fluffy Curls Hairstyle

Avoid high-maintenance looks that need a lot of hairspray, and make your hair sticky and stiff. You hair can play a big part in flirting, so make sure it’s not too stiff or completely tied up in an updo that doesn’t leave even one free lock for playing with. Go for sexy and romantic hairstyle to impress your date.

3. Self-Tanner Abuse

You can rock a fake tan if the shade is right, but sometimes you just don’t know when to stop. Most men find “orange” skin less than appealing, so make sure that you’re giving your skin a bronze glow, not an orange coating. Skin a shade that’s very close to your natural skin color, one or two shades darker, a make sure you don’t apply too much.

4. Fragrance Attack

When you look your best, you also want to smell your best, but using too much perfume is not really something guys like. In fact it’s pretty close to the top of the list of beauty trends men hate. It’s not just that you’ll be intruding into the personal space of everyone around you in a crowded bar with your scent, it’s also the fact that perfume doesn’t really taste that good. If you expect you’re in for a hot night, stick to a maximum of 4 sprays for an eau de toilette and 2-3 for eau de parfum and try to avoid using it on any areas you’d want kissed.

5. Raccoon Smokey Eye

Creating a sexy smokey eye isn’t the easiest makeup trick and some women tend to go way too far, losing their beautiful eyes in too much dark eye shadow. 

Bold Smokey Eyes Makeup

Before busting out your entire dark shadow palette, see if you get the results you want with a little smudged black eyeliner. In the case of smoky eyes, less is more according to a lot of men.

6. Sticky Lips

The texture of your lips is just as important as their color when you’re on a date or in any situation when kissing might come into play. Even if you want the best and most moisturizing lip gloss, make sure you’re not also getting sticky lips in the process. It’s one of the beauty trends men hate with a passion and your date will think twice about going in for a second kiss if the first one feels like a glue trap.

7. Spidery Eyelashes

Long and thick eyelashes are a look men love, but they’re also very easy to overdo. The right mascara is very important, and you should pick one that either promises volume or length. Mixing two mascaras or betting everything on one that promises both, then piling it on can lead to clumpy and flaky eyelashes. If you’re using false eyelashes, stick to small ones, for the outer corners of your eyes and don’t go for the full lash.

8. Attention Grabbing Nails

Men love simplicity, and sticking to something that’s tried and true is always a good idea for your nails. When you want to express yourself through your nails and you go for either too bright neon shades or too dark, you risk turning your nails into a turnoff.

Extreme Nail Art

9. Ultra-Bold Lipstick

One of the oldest beauty trends men hate, the overdone lip is still very high on the list of stuff they’d rather you skip in your beauty routine. Whether it’s a fierce red or simply shades that are too dark and make you look older, going for the ultra-bold lipstick won’t work in your advantage when you’re trying to pick up a guy. 

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