When it comes to the makeup base, we all want to avoid the mask effect and make it as less visible as possible. One important thing to remember that helps you achieve this is to keep your skin clean. If you feel your skin very heavy or oily is because the moisturizing cream you use might not be appropriate for your skin type. For mixed or oily skin, you should first apply an oil-free moisturizing lotion and only after apply the cream on the dry areas. As for the makeup base, choose an oil-free one. If you have a normal skin, but it shines after applying the base, go for a fluid moisturizer. Well, as for the best method to find the perfect foundation is by trying and trying… Apply foundation that matches your natural skin tone for a smooth skin effect.

Sometimes, just before starting all the makeup process, we might notice the unwanted pimples or skin imperfections. Now, in this circumstances most of us tend to surrender and consider our job as mission impossible. In fact, it is simpler than one might think. Everything stands in the way one applies makeup. For example, when wanting to hide different skin imperfections, you can apply more foundation on the T-zone, meaning forehead, nose and chin, and then use a cotton pad to remove any excess. The most common mistake we make is to choose a makeup base darker than the color of your skin.

The powder is the next step, yet it is not mandatory, unless you have serious skin problems. Otherwise, you can skip it or go for a compact powder that matches to the color of the foundation and the one of your skin.

A concealer seems to be our best friend in times of crisis. If you want to make it last all day long, apply powder gently on the areas where you used the concealer. However, be careful not to overuse the powder as you risk to emphasize wrinkles, especially in the eye area. When it comes to the concealer we use, the most frequent mistakes we make are to use concealer without a base, choose colors that are lighter or darker than our skin complexion and choose the wrong texture. For example, if you have oily skin, you need to go for a concealer pencil, while for a dry skin a concealer with a creamy or powdered texture works great.

Applying eyeshadow is not a necessary step in the makeup process. If you are not that confident, you can leave this part out. When choosing the eyeshadow, always consider your skin complexion, your hair color, the outfit, the event you attend and the moment of the day. Therefore, neutral colors flatter every skin and can be used both for a daytime and an evening event. On the other hand, there are other colors, more vibrant, such as green, red, blue, and even metallics, that work only for special occasions. If you choose one of these, you should keep the rest of your makeup more natural by using a lip gloss for plumper lips. On the other hand, pay attention to the sparkling eyeshadows that can emphasize wrinkles in the eye area. Remember that the eyeshadow must be applied before the eyeliner.

Basic Makeup Tips and Tricks

The eyeliner can sometimes become a tricky business requiring more than basic makeup skills to apply it. The right thing to do is to always apply the eyeliner as close as possible of the lid line. If the eyeliner is the pencil type, make sure you use gentle moves when applying it. During hot summer days, you should keep the eye pencil in the fridge before using it. Other options are the liquid eyeliner with a waterproof effect. Even though black is a classic color that will always be stylish and chic, you can sometimes play a little with colors. For example, if you have blue or gray eyes, an eyeliner in blue, brown, pink, gray or purple shades works great. For brown eyes, earthy tones are the ideal choice, for green eyes, go for beige, green, or yellow, while for black eyes, use brownish shades during the day and golden shades for the evening.

A black mascara is a safe investment. However, for a daytime look you can also choose brown mascara that will sweeten the appearance. Another great choice is the transparent mascara that adds volume and shape to your eyelashes. Moreover, they are perfect for a natural look.

For the lips, you can choose a lipstick in any shade or a soft coat of lip gloss. The choice is made according to the occasion and the time of the day, but also based on the rest of the makeup. However, basic makeup rules say that one should stay away from too dark and vibrant shades during the day. The last thing you need is some blush for a healthy, glowing look.