Play up your best assets using a few of the A-lister beauty techniques. Learn more about the magic of the following backstage makeup tips for a glamorous look.

Makeup artists from all over the world are here to grant you with a complete set of recommendations worth experimenting with during your next makeover session.

Concealer Tip

It is easy to mask your beauty flaws if you’re using only high street cosmetic products. Raychel Wade as one of the beloved beauticians in Hollywood offers you some tips to secure the long-lasting radiance of your complexion.

In order to create the illusion of a flawless skin, all you have to do is apply a tinted moisturizer to prep the perfect canvas for an A-list makeup base. Then proceed to the next level and use a waterproof concealer to hide acne spots and wrinkles. This is the actual beauty combo that can save your makeup from an unfortunate meltdown.

Foundation Tip

Val Garland is one of the highly acclaimed makeup artists of our times. This time we have the privilege to find out the secret of a natural looking makeup.

In order to banish the artificial effect of a multi-layered makeup base, all we have to do is use an illuminating foundation and then warm a tiny amount of moisturizer in our hands and pat it over our complexion. The final result will be simply glowing.

Winged Eyeliner Tip

This is actually one of the most popular as well as challenging makeup trends of the past decades. Those who wish to master its application will have the chance to do it following the trick offered by Wendy Karcher from Make Up For Ever.

In order to define your glimpse all you have to do is line the inner part of your lids first then start from the outer corner and proceed inward.

Additionally, make sure you finish drawing the tiny tail as soon as you’ve reached the spot that’s in a perfect straight line with your brow bone. Use some extra Q-tips to polish your winged eyeliner makeup.

Eye Shadow Tip

Gone are the days when you had to apply the eye shadow uniformly in order to cover the lids, tackle the crease and the lower lashline. This time you’re advised to work horizontally rather than vertically. Sharona Rahimian is one of the leading makeup artists teaching us to master the newest application techniques. Go from lighter to darker shades with care and make sure you create a harmonious and artsy visual effect using a wider color palette.

Blush Tip

According to Raychel Wade, you should combine mathematics and creativity during the proper application of this cosmetic formula. Emphasize your cheekbones using a shade that suits your skin tone. The secret to success is actually to find the best spot to place the formula. This can be done if you consider applying it in a straight line with your eye pupil and tip of your nose. Stretch the application to no more than 2 inches for the perfect proportions.

Backstage Makeup Tips

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