The artificial methods to have Angelina Jolie’s lips are extremely popular nowadays, more and more women tend to crave for fuller and more sensual lips.

Before you decide to go for something drastic, you might consider some tricks that can have the same effect as loads of fish jelly injected into your lips. There will be no side effects or any other unpleasant consequences – so give it a try and learn how to plump your lips naturally.

The following tips and exercises require patience and ambition. If you’ll have the proper motivation to repeat them at least twice a day for a whole month, you might enjoy the benefits and get plumper kissies.

plump lips

It’s not a joke, but whistling can do miracles. Believe it or not, doing it for 2-5 minutes every day will lead to fuller and more pouty lips. Make it a habit, chose a nice tune and do it especially in your spare time.

The point is in fact to make it as loud as you can. The muscles will immediately react enhancing the plumping process.

While brushing your teeth, make sure include your lips in the process. After you’re done with the brushing , you should go over the lips with the brush;

Rubbing them gently will stimulate the blood flow and the lips will be plump naturally. Moreover you’ll be able to remove dead cells with this trick, it’s just as effective as a lip scrub. Finally apply a nice layer of honey and you’ll see how fast the lips will absorb it.

Cinnamon and peppermint oil is a natural remedy for plumping your lips. More and more people start applying it to this areas, since it will increase the blood flow.

However, the effect is not as long-lasting as with other methods. In general organic rituals need more time and effort to achieve the same effect than more radical ones.

Lip Plumping

Another non-surgical method is to train it with the following exercise: stretch your lips in front, then close them suddenly, this way also toning your facial muscles. Keep it closed and move the lips from left to right. Repeat the process and do at least 8 per day. It’s quick still very effective. The first training month is the most important to get into the daily lip enlargement routine.

Honey is not only super-delicious and nourishing, but it can be also used to plump our lips naturally. Honey is probably the most gentle and effective organic lip plumper in the world. Apply a slight layer of honey to your lips – this will successfully draw the moisture to the surface, leaving it smooth and moist. Lots of companies use it as the basic ingredient for lip balms and chapsticks.