The 1970s were a time of environmental and feminist manifestations. It was the time when women were trying to get equal rights and fight sexist laws.

Soft rock, pop, progressive rock and punk music became the new music genre of the decade. All of these left a print over the fashion style and makeup look of women in the 70s.

The 70s makeup looks range from soft, feminine to obvious and powerful makeup. Most of the time the makeup consisted of black mascara, light colored foundation, pink blush, blue or green shimmery eye shadow and pink or red colored lipstick.

Here is how you can get a 70s inspired makeup look:

apply concealer over your eyes and blemishes if you have any

apply foundation using your fingers, a sponge or a brush

apply a bit of shimmer over the entire eyelid going up under the eyebrow

take a colored shimmery eyeshadow and apply it in the outer corner of your eyes and crease in an upward motion

use another colored eyeshadow to draw a smooth line just under your lower eyelid from your outer corner to the inner corner of the eye

apply the eyeshadow onto your upper lid as well. Blend the colors together so you can get a nice and smooth transition

apply eyeliner if you wish just above your lash line. Draw the line in the outer corner in an upward motion so you can get a cat eye look

curl you lashes and apply plenty of mascara

apply the lipstick over your lips in your favorite peachy shade

If you wish to make your eyes more dramatic, you can apply false eyelashes. This look is an evening look. You can try other combination of colors that are softer during the day for a more natural look.