Celebrate the most versatile beauty trends with a stylish makeup style. Prepare for the festive season with a set of inspirational eye makeup designs you’ll be able to nail down with ease. Master the newest application techniques to polish your look to perfection.

Keep high class cosmetics at hand to guarantee the smudge-proof condition of your makeup. When it comes to runway looks it is important to consider the artsy beauty tricks offered by the artists behind visionary makeup styles. Pat McGrath is one of the biggest MUAs from the world. Those who want to learn from the best and wish to take their beauty skills to the next level should definitely read through these 6 simple makeup artist tips.

1.Creamy Foundation Tip

In order to create the perfect makeup base, it is important to use high street foundation formulas. Pat offers us her trick on how to spread this product uniformly all over the face. The MUA uses her fingers to make sure she tackles all the delicate spots which should be covered with this refined formula. The Pat uses a makeup brush to remove the excessive foundation from areas like the nose, forehead and chin. It is also useful to apply a tiny amount of foundation also on the ears for a natural-looking effect.

2.Blush Trick

Pat highly recommended the use of at least two blush shades to create a natural-looking and radiant makeup style.

First apply a light tone on the apple of your cheeks and be sure to head upwards to create the perfect frame for your features. Then use a dark blush shade you’ll apply over the first color to nail down the perfect blend.

3. Bold Eye Makeup Trick

The runway is flooded with models sporting bold and bright eye makeup looks. In order to follow their footsteps all you have to do is use a flattering purple, blue or green shade.

Pat advises you to use lipstick if you want to nail down the red eye makeup trend. Experiment with this beauty wave to see whether it really works for you.

4. Mascara Trick

Emphasize your lashes with a simple trick offered by this beloved MUA. The secret to build up a natural-looking makeup and shift the attention to your glimpse is to apply black mascara to the roots and use a brown tone for the tips. This pro beauty guideline will help you master the newest makeup application tendencies.

5. Perfect Lip Makeup

Learn how to inject sensuality and sex-appeal into your look. Keep in mind the following beauty trick offered by Pat McGrath to guarantee your success. First apply a thin layer of foundation on your lips.Then you can use a nude lipliner to define the shape of your lips. The next step is to cover the lips with your favorite lipstick shade. Sport your statement lip makeup like a real glam diva.

6. Shape Your Eyebrows

Shaping your eyebrows is a real must if you want to pull off a perfectly-polished makeup look. If you don’t have enough time to visit your beautician, grab a sharp eye pencil and highlight each individual brow in a row. Use only brown eyebrow pencils and skip black which can create an artificial effect. Choose the most flattering shade that suits your hair color and finish up emphasizing your brows with a thin layer of face powder.

Simple Makeup Artist Tips

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