Every season, trends change. However, there are a few unique makeup trends that defeated time and managed to gain their name of classic elements. Take a look to five timeless makeup trends.

Porcelain skin

The secret of a perfect, natural skin stands in the way you apply the foundation. If you use a liquid texture, apply it with your fingers making sure to make it uniform. On the other hand, if you are more into solid textures, latex sponges are a must. Therefore, for an impeccable look, the makeup base should be very carefully chosen. After applying the foundation, wait a few minutes, and only afterwards use a translucent powder removing the excess with a tissue. As a final step, apply a blush in a color close to your natural skin complexion.

Whenever choosing a foundation, you need to take into consideration its color and, of course, your skin type. Before buying it, test it on the back of your hand, and check the color in natural light. If you have oily skin, a foundation with a matte, powdered texture works great as it absorbs the excess of sebum. A dry skin needs moisturizing, therefore a creamy foundation is the right choice. Regardless the foundation you choose, remember that if you apply too much, you’ll look rather like a mask and not like a porcelain doll.

Red lips

Whether you apply the red lipstick using a brush or by dabbing with the finger, the color should be strong. Moreover, if you want to get a flawless look and you bet everything on your red lips, keep the rest of your makeup natural and simple. Red lipstick is like the LBD, a timeless piece that will never go out of style despite all trends. If you have never used red due to its intensity, remember that red lips can help you stand out, and add an elegant and glamorous feel to your look especially if you are getting ready for special events.

You should choose the color of the lipstick considering the shape and size of your lips, and the skin complexion. Always keep in mind that red lipstick comes in different shades, which makes it impossible for you not to find the perfect one to flatter you. If you have darker skin, red lipstick with orange or brown undertones works well. For lighter skin, colder, intense shades of red are a smart choice.

Eyelash volume

When it comes to your eyelashes, there is no point of talking about diets as XXL lashes will always be trendy. It has been proven that long, curved and emphasized eyelashes can totally change your mood. It can make you feel more beautiful and self-confident. Mascara is the simplest way to define your eyes. Make sure you use a magnifying mirror when applying mascara in order to see every detail. The result should be long, voluminous, thick and curved eyelashes.

Choosing a mascara means verifying some important things, such as the brush, texture, consistency, easy removal. A good mascara offers a shiny look to your eyelashes after it dries. For eyelash volume, the mascara has a short brush with long, central hairs. Apply the mascara from the base of the eyelashes starting with the upper lashes first using a gentle zig-zag movement.

Smoky eyes

The glam effect of smoky eyes makeup will never go out of fashion. Play with smoky, brown or copper in order to accentuate your eyes. You don’t need to follow strict rules when applying different shades as what you are looking for is an unstudied result. Smoky eyes is, and will always be, a captivating and chic makeup style appropriate for a party or other special events.

Start by applying a black, brown or grey eyeliner on both lash lines, and get a “smudge effect” using ear sticks. Then, apply an eyeshadow with medium intensity on the entire lid going up to the eyebrows. Take a darker eyeshadow and apply it starting from the lash line to the crease. From the same shade category, choose a lighter eyeshadow and apply it under the eyelashes and in the inner eye corner. Remember to keep the rest of your makeup as natural as possible.

Playful nails

Trends might come and go, yet one trend remains constant: passionate colors for your nails. Red, coral, violet or rose must be applied following strict directions. A base coat first, color, and finally a top coat. Red will remain a classic, timeless color, particularly for short nails, that will never lose its grace. It is a very versatile shade appropriate for both casual and formal, special looks.

For a barely-there look, nude shades are a must especially if you are wearing a colorful outfit. The shades from this palette can vary from light cream to earthy tones of dark beige. These can be the perfect choice if you have a more conservative job. Another color that every girl should have is pink especially during the spring/summer season. Besides all these, you need a black nail polish, which is chic and always trendy.