It’s not that easy to have a perfect finishing in 5 minutes every morning. However if you learn the fastest order of applying makeup, it can save you a lot of precious time and can give a great start to your day. We’ve prepared you some easy steps to learn how to cut down a lot of extra minutes and obtain a perfect look. Look at our tips below to find out how to achieve maximum results in minimum time!

1 Minute

Apply a sheer liquid or powder foundation using your fingertips, a big sponge or a brush, and blend it evenly across your face and neckline. Be careful not to leave marks and lines, because it can destroy your whole look.

2 Minute

To cover the dark circles around the eye area, apply an under eye concealer on the upper and lower eyelid as well. It is a very important step, because it gives you a fresh, bright look. Use a blemish stick/ concealer to cover up skin imperfections and red spots. Apply a loose, translucent powder that will remove the stickiness and prevent shine on the skin and what is even better, the foundation will be long lasting.

3 Minute

Use a blush and distribute it well on the apples of your cheek. Powder blush is a very practical and easy choice for time-saving. This little thing will give your face a radiant look and an even skin tone.

4 Minute

As a next step apply the eyeshadow of your favorite color. A natural tone eyeshadow will give a soft look to your whole face and will highlight your eyes, making them to appear bigger. If you want to emphasize your eyes more, you can also use an eyeliner. Apply a thin line, mainly in the outer corners of your eye. Use a black mascara. You can skip the eyeliner, but the mascara is very important, it conveys a feminine appearance, your eyes will have a deeper, wide-open look.

5 Minute

As a final touch, use a clear lip-gloss or one of your favorite color. You can chose whatever tone you would like in order to match your outfit. Clear glosses give you a more natural air, and are the fastest to apply, you don’t need to waste your time with lining your lips and needs less precision. You are done in 5 minutes and ready to go!

Following our fast and easy makeup tips, you can easily achieve a flawless makeup look in just 5 minutes. These simple steps are key to a time-saving makeup. This guide can be very useful if you are traveling a lot or if you are in a constant rush, saving you a great amount of time to do your daily responsibilities and duties.

Time won’t be a problem any more in having a confident, perfect look. You will feel much better if your face is fresh and radiant and your day will start in a positive note.