It is said that makeup is a real art. Depending on the way you apply it, one can correct and camouflage certain imperfections or you can simply enhance your natural beauty. However, in time, there were given several unwritten, timeless makeup rules. As sometimes it becomes rather boring to play after the same rules and we need creativity in our lives, here are 5 makeup rules to break.

Foundation should be applied to the entire face

Foundation seems to be the best life-saver when finding yourself in a difficult situation and a bad skin day. You should forget about the old rule saying that foundation should be applied on the entire face as this is not necessary in order to get an impeccable look. Moreover, your skin needs some time to breath and you don’t want to look like a mask, but rather to even skin tones.

Your skin can look as if it was on its best days even if you apply foundation on certain areas where the skin has a reddish aspect, or where you have to cover different imperfections. Therefore, it is much easier and practical for you to use foundation on the center of your face, meaning nose, upper lip, and a small part of the forehead. Also, if it is absolutely necessary, apply it on the jawline and hairline.

Always match the eyeshadow with your eye color

There are women who still believe that they need to match the eyeshadow they use with their eye color. But, what they don’t know is that when doing so they are not emphasizing their eyes. This is a good reason for you to choose shades that come in contrast with the color of the eyes.

For example, if you have blue eyes, plum, lilac, orange, and dark green are the most flattering colors. On the other hand, sandy, copper, brown and golden-brown shades work amazing on green eyes. If you have dark green eyes, choose deep purple shades. However, it seems that hazel eyes are the only exception to this rule. Rather than choosing contrasting colors, you should better stick to shades in the same color family as the one of your eyes.

Never use moisturizing creams underneath the makeup

This is another rule that a woman can break. Times have definitely changed. There is no need to apply moisturizing creams and makeup products in established, fix steps, such as back in the days when women made an overuse of blush. Nowadays, some of the moisturizing creams on the market are oil-free, therefore it is easier to avoid the “melting” risk of makeup on your face.

Shimmer eyeshadows are only for evening events

A shimmery eyeshadow is appropriate anytime and it is meant for everyone, not just for younger girls. Sparkle reflects the light and it brightens your face. And this is, without any doubt, an advantage for women over 40 or 50. Nevertheless, in order to make this thing work, avoid too contrasting shades and choose one that completes your skin complexion. For example, try a neutral eyeshadow, such as beige, gray or chestnut-colored. Moderation is the key in everything, even when it comes to makeup. This is why, if you used a glittery eyeshadow for your eyes, choose matte colors for your cheekbones. Remember that if your skin is smooth, you can choose a more intense shimmer for the eyeshadow.

Always use lip liner with lip gloss

This is one rule that should be broken as it is considered as being too much in matters of makeup. First of all, it is useless to apply a lip liner in order to contour your lips if your lips are already well-defined and full in a natural way. Then, there are certain lipstick shades that cannot be matched to any type and color of liner. Usually, a lip liner is used when you apply a darker or more shimmery lipstick. Otherwise, creamy textures or neutral lipstick colors work better without a liner. If you want to make a soft, discrete contour to your lips, use a special brush, and then fill with color using the same brush.

It is also true that many women want to have sexy, fuller lips. Therefore, if you still want to apply lip liner in order to get plumper lips, make sure you always do this before applying the lipstick, and use a neutral one lip liner, or one that has the same tone, or even lighter than that of the lipstick you are applying. This way you will avoid a too big contrast that would only draw unwanted attention.