Nobody’s born wise and all knowing, as the saying goes. That’s why you shouldn’t beat yourself up if you make a mistake when applying makeup. Instead, you should discover which are the most common makeup mistakes and try to avoid them in the future.

Common Makeup Mistake: Wrong Foundation Shade

Choosing the wrong foundation shade is undoubtedly a common makeup mistake to avoid from now on. According to beauty specialists, you should use foundation as a means to cover up imperfections and even up your skin. That’s why you should opt for a shade that matches your skin tone and easily blends in. So, to avoid going for the wrong shade, you should first test the product you want to purchase on your jawline.

Most Common Makeup Mistakes: Using Concealer Like Foundation

Concealer And Foundation

Using concealer like foundation is one of the most common makeup mistakes women make. Some ladies apply it all over their complexion, instead of focusing only on the problem areas. Concealer is usually applied to even up skin or hide blemishes. Bearing this common makeup mistake in mind, you should use just a bit of product to hide imperfections, as otherwise you might end up dealing with a cakey-looking skin.

Common Beginner Eyeliner Mistakes: Too Much Product

When it comes to the most common beginner eyeliner mistakes, wearing too much product should be placed on top of the list. If you’re worried that your line will fade away, you should try using a gel or pencil liner. These types of eyeliner will make application more precise and will help avoid dealing with excess product. In addition, when applied correctly, eyeliner will intensify your look.

Common Beginner Makeup Mistake: Too Much Lipstick

Lipstick Application

This is another common beginner makeup mistake you should have in mind. Sometimes, you might be worried that your lipstick will fade away. Thus, you’ll tend to excessively color your lips. You should try to avoid this common makeup mistake, though, as your lipstick might end up transferred to your teeth or even on the food you eat.

Common Makeup Mistakes: Using a Pencil for Eyebrows

This should also be included among those common makeup mistakes to stay away from. Using a pencil to color your eyebrows can make them look unaesthetic. Instead, you should choose an eyeshadow color that matches your eyebrows and apply it with a angled brush. Thus, you’ll get to enjoy a natural and fresh look.

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