In the summer of 2010 the makeup trends exceed everyone’s expectations and head towards a dreamy and fascinating place from the past. It seems that vintage or retro is the way to go and everyone should be happy as these styles bring elegance, refinement and even a bit of color to women’s look.

Paying attention to the latest makeup trends will only benefit you as being trendy cannot be topped. The 2010 summer makeup ideas are filled with individuality and style and match the season perfectly as summer exudes warmth and joy, characteristics which help install good mood.

The retro inspired makeup trend is based on pastels, vivid colors that bring joy such as green, blue, purple, orange and pink. Whether electric or soft these colors will help you enhance your natural beauty and make you look like a breath of fresh air. Don’t be afraid to combine different colors to get a more funky look as long as you have a great sense of color coordination, making sure the colors work well with each other. Keep the eyelashes simply coated with a brown or black colored mascara for an elegant look as you don’t want to over do it and your cheekbones enhanced with a delicate shade of your favorite blush. To complete your look apply a nude lipstick or lip gloss and look fabulous!

pastel amkeup Dereak Lam 2010 makeup

Another great way to enhance your beauty is using a vintage style makeup with a little bit of a twist. Attracting attention to your best facial features has never been easier than with this style as the eyes and the mouth are usually women’s most seductive weapons so these are the facial features you will have to concentrate on.

Apply a soft shade of eyeshadow such as lavender and a bloody red lipstick on your gorgeous lips, top your eyelashes with one coat of mascara and you will look fabulous. The softness of the eyeshadow will be balanced by the boldness of the lipstick so you will have a perfectly stylish makeup.

christian dior 2010 spring makeup dior makeup

One thing that should never ever be forgotten and a thing that will always make your makeup stand out is the base. Concentrate to receive a flawless skin complexion using makeup as there are a variety of cosmetic products available today on the market. Make sure the cosmetics match your skin type and that they are applied properly to receive a flawless appearance. Nothing can top gorgeous looking skin and paired with a great makeup one can look outstanding. Test your skills and learn how to apply the makeup to suit your needs and you will most definitely be bombarded with compliments. Photos via