The 2010 summer makeup color trends look fabulous and once again offer women the possibility to enhance their natural beauty. Makeup is one of the best things yet invented by the cosmetic industry as it offers women the possibility to transform their look without too much effort.

There are a variety of cosmetic products available to choose from depending on personal preference, budget, skin tone, skin type, etc. It is advised to invest in a good quality product to be able to protect your skin against harmful ingredients found in cosmetics. Makeup trends change every year and every season to allow women to be more diverse with their makeup and to suit the fashion trends. The summer season has always exuded warmth and joy this is why the colors used in fashion as well as makeup are more vivid. To choose right, adopt one of the trendiest looks for the summer season by selecting the following makeup colors:

Eye makeup Eyeshadow plays a very important role in makeup as it can help define the eyes, enhancing their beauty and making them stand out. Eyeshadow comes in different forms, from cream to powder, to allow women to create the desired effect. One of the greatest things about eyeshadow is that they come in a variety of shades, from nudes to neons and from matte colors to shimmery. This 2010 summer season the eyeshadow colors used are warm and exude sensuality and style. Orange, turquoise, green, blue, lavender, pink, violet, yellow are very popular eyeshadow colors used for this 2010 summer season.

Combinations of the above colors look fabulous and create a very trendy and funky summer look. Matte colors are most popular this summer due to their fabulous look but you can go for shimmery shades as well.

Dior makeup 2010 Derek Lam 2010

Lip color Lip color helps enhance the lips and create a very sensual look, perfect for women who love to look feminine and elegant. The new lip color trends vary widely from nudes to vivid, bold shades which attract a generous amount of attention.

All lip color shades are meant to enhance femininity and not stray too much from the natural, this is why nudes, red, orange as well as red-pink colored lipsticks are used. You can choose a different shade depending on the occasion and the makeup style used. Try a vintage style makeup if it suits you and you will look fabulous as vintage is very in this summer.

Emanuel Ungaro 2010 makeup prada

Blush color Blush is usually a cosmetic product which most women don’t use as they don’t realize its importance. Blushes can really define the bone structure of your cheeks and contour your facial features. The new color trends when it comes to blush lean to wards the natural, the more subtle the better. Rosy toned as well as tan blushes are the most popular depending on skin tone. Choose a shade that gives your cheekbones a natural, healthy look for best results.

gucci 2010 Max Mara 2010

Do learn how to use makeup properly and you will soon discover the wonderful things that makeup can help achieve. Photos via