This fall’s makeup trends range from the retro ladylike look, with flawless “finished” skin and bright red lips, to a punk edge look, with smudgy liner and bruise-colored smoky eyes, going through a futuristic ’60s style, with silver eye liner and metallic gray eyeshadow. 

Check out 12 makeup looks for fall 2013 straight from the runway and see which of these looks strikes your fancy.

1. Retro Chic

It seems that the glamorous ladylike look with a retro 1940s feel will never lose its appeal. Several designers paid homage to it during fashion week. The hallmarks of this look are velvety skin carefully prepped with foundation, sultry eye makeup and/or bright red lips.

2. Natural Beauty

Burberry Prorsum Natural Makeup

Another timeless look honored by the fall 2013 makeup trends is natural beauty: freshly scrubbed, dewy-touched skin, blush-free cheeks and the tiniest bit of lipcolor. Indeed, most makeup artists chose to go light on blush this season or skip it altogether, focusing instead on bringing out the eyes and/or lips.

3. Bold Cat-Eyes

Cat Eyeliner Anna Sui

New makeup ideas often revive classic techniques, with a twist. A case in point, the cat-eye ranks high on the list of 2013 makeup trends. Whether you go for the classic 60s glam version or more dramatic, avant-garde versions, you can never go wrong with a cat-eye. You can improvise by layering liquid and pencil liners or blending diffused almond shapes with smudgy dark shadows.

4. The Thin Black Line

Black Eyeliner Missoni

Another highlight of fall makeup trends is black eye liner, worn in a skinny line along the lashes, adding subtle definition to your eyes whatever eyeshadow color you choose to wear.

5. Plum Eyes

Plum Eye Makeup Jason Wu

In terms of shades, we see a shift in fall 2013 makeup trends, from blue and greens to plum eyeshadow. You can pair it with a nude lipstick and bare cheeks to create an innocent, nearly translucent look (Nanette Lepore). Alternatively, you can go for an opaque finish and purple lips, which will give you a sophisticated look (Oscar de la Renta).

6. Futuristic Sixties

Futuristic Makeup Christian Dior

Another popular look in the 2013 fall makeup trends is a retro ’60s early sci-fi look, featuring silver liner swirls, metallic gray eyeshadow or a sharp black eyeliner cutting across the crease.

7. Gray Wash

Grey Smokey Eyes Marc Jacobs

Yet another shift in fall 2013 makeup trends: smoky eyes give way to a smudged slate gray shade, bound to give you a mysterious, “storm-is-brewing” look.

8. Glittery Eyes

Glittery Eye Makeup Chanel

Glitter is another highlight of fall 2013 makeup trends, which ties in nicely with the “futuristic ’60s” look. It featured most prominently in the Donna Karan beauty look, in a mix of pearl glitter and black-gray cream shadow, applied up to the crease. The Chanel make up artist took it to the next level, gluing platinum sequins along the upper lashes, for extra bling.

9. Petal-Stained Lips

Petal Lip Color 31 Phillip Lim

As regards 2013 fall makeup trends for the lips, most makeup designers seem to aim for a stained rather than painted effect, either with color diffusing outwards (Dior and Marni) or with a darker, berry-stained touch (Derek Lam, Prada and Vera Wang).

10. Red, Red Lips

Red Lips Dolce And Gabbana

In term of lipstick shades, red reigns supreme, in a variety of textures, from flat matte to wet and shiny. If you want to truly bring out the temptress in you, you can try to pull off the new Nina Ricci look: crimson lipstick rimmed with a moisturizing liner.

11. Wine-Stained Lips

Wine Stained Lips Lanvin

Another highlight in 2013 fall makeup trends takes inspiration from the season, as it translates the warm, glowing shades of full-bodied wine into daring lipstick colors, ranging from a cabernet stain to a purple wine-dark shade.

12. Grunge/ Punk Edge Look

Grunge Makeup Altuzzara

Another look favored by the 2013 fall makeup trends is the punk edge look, featuring highlights like smudgy eye liner or bruise-colored smoky eyes, coming out the more poignantly against the pale, blush-free face. Everything is a bit smudged or messy, giving this look a ’90s grunge feel.

Photos: WWD,