Strobing is taking over, since it’s a lot easier to achieve than contouring, but the effect can be just as gorgeous. The highlighting technique has already been used by many celebrities to create a beautiful look with dewy skin.

It’s not only faster, but strobing can help you achieve the same glowing look with a lot less products. The best part about is that all you need is the right highlighter for your skin. Find out everything you need to know about strobing, from the basic principle to the easiest way to achieve it.

What Is Strobing?

Whether you prefer highlighting sticks, pens, creams or powders, strobing is just as easy to achieve without a complicated tutorial. By highlighting the high points of your face, you’ll be able to achieve a dewy and luminous finish. It’s easy to go too far with a highlighter that contains glitter, but if you stick to a good highlighter with shimmer, you’ll be able to create a red carpet worthy look.

Jennifer Lopez Strobing

Celebrities Who Love Strobing

Even though she’s build a reputation as the queen of contouring, even Kim Kardashian loves strobing. Her sisters are also big fans of the strobing highlighter technique, allowing them to get a gorgeous glow. Gigi Hadid and Jennifer Lopez have also used strobing to create a beautiful finish for the red carpet.

Strobing vs. Contouring

While contouring involves a complicated diagram and a mixture of dark and light shared, strobing isn’t nearly as difficult to pull off. All you need is one light shade to illuminate the right places. Skipping the bronzer is definitely a must for strobing, but there is some effort involved. The key to a perfect strobing look is to make sure that you start with a great base. You should also be wary of how much highlighter you use, since taking it too far can end up in “Twilight” territory.

How to Perfect Strobing

In order to achieve the perfect lit-from-within glow, you need to keep your entire look shimmery. For most skin types, you should avoid any matte products in this look. If you have oily skin, strobing can be a bit more difficult. The secret to perfecting the look is using only matte products along with your shimmery highlighter. For every other skin type, here are the best ways to create a gorgeous strobing highlighter look.

Gigi Hadid Strobing Makeup

Prep Well

In order to achieve strobing the right way, you have to start with hydrated skin. An illuminating base, like a BB or CC cream is a better choice than regular foundation. If you’re not ready to give up foundation, then you should definitely mix a bit of liquid highlighter in it. Avoid applying concealer on its own. Instead, mix it with a big of moisturizer for beautiful and dewy coverage.

Choose the Right Highlighter

Using your regular highlighter can you achieve a good effect when you plan on strobing highlighter, but for this look getting the shade just right is very important. Silver and champagne highlighters are the best choice for fair skin. Light to medium skin benefits from a shade of pink champagne, while the best choice for olive skin is a golden highlighter. Darker skin shades should opt for a golden terracotta. If you’re only using one product, then make it a gel or creamy highlighter for the best coverage.

Find the Best Places to Highlight

The areas that catch light are those that need the extra highlighter for the strobing look: from a touch above the brown bone and above your cupid’s bow to the tops of your cheekbones, the bridge of your nose and a bit on your temples.

Blend Very Well

Strobing highlighter correctly is all about blending. There can’t be any edges! You can use your fingers, a damp makeup sponge or a fan brush to achieve the right effect.

Slowly Build Coverage

Don’t overload with too much highlighter. Instead, build coverage with a little patience to achieve the perfect balance.

Finish With Powder

A light shimmery powder is usually the best way to finish when you’re strobing highlighter. Focus on the areas where you got the most glow. During the summer, you should also consider a setting spray that helps you achieve a dewy finish.