Knowing what works for your features and for your complexion is great, but it can also keep you limited in your makeup options. There are plenty of classic makeup looks that work for everyone, and you shouldn’t be discouraged from trying them.

Discover the most important makeup looks you should perfect in order to be ready to any kind of event or occasion. If you’ve already got a few of them down, learn some useful tips about the others, and you’ll be able to make the most out of these gorgeous and timeless looks.

1. Smokey Eyes

It works for every type of eyelid, and smokey eyes is definitely a makeup look you should know how to easily create. Using a creamy pencil and smudging it just right with your finger is only the beginning. 

Smokey Eyes Makeup Look Closeup

photo: karissa_mua

Don’t restrict yourself to just black and gray when you’re going for a dramatic smokey eye, you can use plenty of eyeshadow shades, as long as you smudge it over the pencil and add a touch of shimmer at the end.

2. Gorgeous Red Lips

Red Lips Makeup For Blondes

photo: jean_watts

Your makeup kit should include at least a couple of perfect reds that you can use to create a gorgeous look. The perfect red pout is definitely one of the makeup looks you should perfect, and they key to it is leaving your lips looking moist. Stay away from any red that’s too glossy, because it can simply be too much, even with a nude eye. Blue-based reds are the best choice when you also want to make your pearly whites pop even more.

3. Dewy Skin

Dewy Skin Makeup Look

photo: csquaredmakeup

Powder highlighter is the key to achieving a dewy complexion that will help you glow. Choosing the right shade is important. Opt for champagne, gold or copper depending on your skin tone. The first step is to apply it on your cheekbones, but don’t stop there. The centers of your eyelids, the inner corners of your eyes, and even the bow of your lips could use a little highlighter to complete your look.

4. Neutral Makeup

Neutral Makeup Bronzy Look

photo: bybrookelle

For those special mornings when you want to pretend you woke up like this, neutral makeup is one of the most important makeup looks you should perfect. A tinted moisturizer or a BB cream might be the best choice, but if you want more coverage you should always opt for a liquid foundation to achieve the right effect. Stick to nude lips, curl your eyelashes, and add the slightest touch of mascara at the outer corners of your lashes.

5. Flushed Cheeks

Flushed Cheeks Makeup Look

photo: cakeyconfessions

It’s youthful and it’s not that hard to pull off. The key to achieving the perfect flush in your cheeks isn’t just blush. Start with a foundation with a touch of shimmer, then focus on blending the right shade of blush along your cheekbones with more than a single fingertip. Using two or three fingers will warm the blush more and blend it perfectly.

6. Kohl Lined Eyes

Khol Rimmed Eye Makeup

photo: livxw

Once you find the right black waterproof eyeliner, this is definitely one of the makeup looks you should perfect. Start by drawing lines on your top and bottom lash lines, and don’t forget about the waterlines for an even more dramatic look. Layer the eyeliner, then blend with a sponge for the perfect kohl rimmed eyes.

7. Nude Lips

Pale Lipstick Makeup Look

photo: nikkitutorials

You should have as many nude shades in your makeup kit as reds when it comes to your lips. Adding a little gloss can really take this look to the next level, but you should always remember to use the gloss at the center of your lips and gently blend outward without creating the same glossy finish all over.

8. Ethereal Skin

Glowing Skin Makeup Look

photo: miaconnor

Soften your features with a makeup that’s slightly ethereal is very important if you have square features. A shimmery texture will keeps thing feminine, and you should avoid any harsh shades or lines on your eyes or lips. This is one of the makeup looks you should perfect, and foundation and blush are the keys.

9. Cat Eyes

Cat Eyes Makeup Look

photo: bykira_

Taylor Swift’s winged liner is a look that’s been around for thousands of years. You can go more dramatic with your eyeliner, but for daytime, you’ll only need to go as far as 1/4 inches from the corner of your eye and keep the curve nice and soft.

10. Contoured Cheeks

Cheek Contour Makeup Look

Contouring takes a lot of skill to master, but once you make it, you’re set. This is definitely one of the makeup looks you should perfect, and Kim Kardashian’s techniques are among the best.