When you’re less than satisfied with the way your lipstick color looks a few hours after application, it’s time to improve your entire application routine, from preparation to finishing touches. Choose your lip color carefully and find out how to make lipstick last longer.

Touch-ups don’t always look great when it comes to your lips, so you should prepare your lips in the morning for the entire day. Try to get everything right in front of your own mirror and you’ll get a vibrant color that really lasts longer.

Be Reasonable

Unfortunately, there isn’t a magic trick to make any shade and kind of lipstick stay on your lips for 12 hours or more. If you really want to know how to make lipstick last longer, be prepared to let go of shimmering colors, which last the least.

Creamy lipsticks stay put for longer, but matte lipstick is the one that will keep the pigment the longest on your lips. Choose a long-wearing lipstick with silicone, which keeps the pigment intact and separate from the natural oils on your skin which make color fade faster.

You should also be prepared to use a straw when you drink liquids and minimize contact between food and your lips if you want it to last throughout the day.

Moisturize Lips

Exfoliate Regularly

Your lips need exfoliation as much as the rest of the skin on your face, and getting rid of the dead skin cells will also help keep the color on your lips for longer. Scrub your lips with sugar and honey once or twice a keep and you’ll never have to deal with skin flakes on your lips. Lipstick color stays for longer when your lips aren’t dry.

Use Lip Balm

Moisturizing with lip balm every night is a must for healthy lips, but you also need to put on a thin coat to secure your lipstick color. Put your lip balm on right after washing your face, then leave the lips for the end of your makeup routine. Gently wipe any excess lip balm before applying color and stay away from ingredients which can be drying, including camphor and menthol, to make lipstick last longer.

Give Lip Primer a Try

Using a primer will make any type of makeup last longer, so you should definitely see if a good primer works for you. If you keep your lips moisturized correctly, primer shouldn’t dry them out too much, but if you find it uncomfortable, you can stick to the other tricks that show you how to make lipstick last longer.

Applying Lip Liner

Apply Lip Liner Correctly

Most of the time, using lip liner helps the color stay longer for lips, but that means that you won’t just use it at the edges of your lips. Instead, start from the center of your your lips and keep filling in with lip liner towards the edges. Besides acting like a lighter primer for lipstick, liner will also be there when the lipstick color fades away, keeping your smile beautiful, and it also directly helps make lipstick last longer.

Choose the Right Lip Color

When you’re in doubt what shade of lipstick to choose, always go darker if you want it to stay intact on your lips for longer. Darker shades of red, coral, pink, coral and even brown always look better after many hours thank lighter shades. You don’t have to worry about that with nude shades, since they look much less noticeable when they start fading.

Long Lasting Lip Colors

Use Translucent Powder

One of the best tricks used by makeup artists is a layer of translucent powder between two layers of color. If you’re wondering how to make lipstick last longer with powder, first blot your first layer of lipstick with a tissue. Use an eyeshadow blending blush and gently swirl it while pressing it against your lips, then apply the second layer of color.

Avoid Gloss

You can’t have a glossy look on your lips that really lasts. Trying to layer it on over lipstick will make the color fade faster, so if you absolutely want a glossy finish, go with less. A touch of gloss on the lower lip, right in the center, can add a bit of shine while keeping colors stay vibrant for longer.

Finish with Concealer

Once you’ve done everything you can to make lipstick last longer, make sure your look is flawless with a touch of concealer. Use a clean lip brush and add a bit of concealer to create clean edges on your lips.

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