When you’re getting ready for a rave, waterproof makeup is a must, but black light makeup isn’t the only cool idea you should try. Check out a few rave makeup ideas that are based on current runway trends and will end up creating a gorgeous look.

By being both bold and trendy, you’ll be able to get the right look for any rave. Try these excellent ideas that can take your rave makeup to a whole new level.

Go for Electric Blue Eyelids

Vibrant colors have been a runway staple at Fashion Week, but none have been as daring as electric and cobalt blues. Whether you decide to go for a smoky eye effect with three vibrant shades of blue or keep it simple and graphic, you can’t go wrong with a bold blue at a rave. Black light blues are another good option, but don’t overdo them in the eye area. Instead, stick to the top eyelid to avoid a raccoon look.

Bright Blue Rave Makeup

Try Metallic Temporary Tattoos

Flash Tattoos and other brands of metallic temporary tattoos have already made a big splash on the music festival circuit this summer, and they’re one of the best rave makeup ideas. You won’t need more than 10 minutes to apply them, but expect them to last around 4-6 days. Whether you choose necklace or bracelet shaped metallic tattoos, you’ll certainly take your rave look to the next level.

Purple Raver Eye Makeup

Use Bold Purples

Another trendy color that’s perfect for a rave, purple can be used to get a unique look if you opt for more than one shade. Whether you want to go lighter with lavender or darker with mauve, add a little glitter to your purple look to complete a rave-ready look.

Embellished Raver Eye MakeupRave Makeup With Rhinestones

Opt for Facial Embellishments

They’re an old rave tradition, but facial embellishments have certainly hit the mainstream this season. If you’ve never experimented with them, now is definitely time to experiment with gluing them on for a dramatic look. If you’re willing to try them among other rave makeup ideas, make sure that you go graphic, like star shaped shiny freckles.

Colorful Rave Makeup

Match Your Contacts to Your Makeup

If you’re planning on wearing UV glow contacts, then you definitely should match your makeup to the shade you’ve chosen for your eyes. The matchy-matchy look is going strong on the runways, so picking black light contact lenses in the same color scheme as your makeup is definitely a good idea. If you’re opting for different colors, the contrast will certainly be rave-worthy, but less trendy.

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Raver Makeup With Red Lips

Glam It Up with Gold

For a more subtle look, gold is the perfect shade to try this season. Some of the best rave makeup ideas include a graphic line of gold at the center of your lips or another cool shape that can help you stand out. You can also try metallic smoky eyes, and if you’re looking for the perfect hair accessory, also opt for a golden clasp.

Rave Makeup With Feather Eyebrows

Match Your Eye Makeup to Your Hair

Try one of the best runway trends for Spring 2015 and ramp it up for your rave style. Matching eye makeup with colored streaks in your hair was a big thing at Vera Wang in lavender, but you can opt for any other color, including black light makeup and temporary hair dye.

Graphic Raver Eye Makeup

Go for Graphic Black Eyeliner

Black eyeliner might not seem like one of the best rave makeup ideas, but adding glitter on top of it can certainly create a striking effect. Whether you prefer a dramatic cat eye or a bold smoky eye,  go for a black waterproof pencil and layer glitter on top for a gorgeous rave look.

Rave Makeup With Glitter

Match Your Lips to Your Nails

If you decide to try a strong trend for this season and match your lips to your nails, don’t be afraid to experiment to turn it into a really dramatic look. Two toned nails are a good idea, and you can also use the same shades for a graphic design on your lips or try more dating nail art that you replicate with two colors on your lips.

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Rave Makeup With Blue EyeshadowRaver Girl Eye Makeup

Try Center-Parted Hair

While you’ll have to experiment to create a unique look with these rave makeup ideas, you can worry a lot less about your hair. Natural textures are trendy and center-parted is also a good option. Work up a sweat at your rave, and you’ll look like a runway model when the party’s over.