If you’re looking for a fresh summer look, try some of the hottest makeup trends that have already made a successful transition from the runway to the street. Try these wearable trends to give your makeup a fresh spin.

Try the most popular makeup trends for summer 2014, that will help your keep your look current, while still focusing on what works for you best, especially in hot weather.

Orange Lipstick

Probably the biggest trend of the season, orange lipstick is here to stay. Whether you’re in your 20s or in your 50s, you’ll definitely find a shade that works for you, from neon tangerine to a more subtle coral. Go for a sheer finish, since matte orange lipstick will make your lips look thinner and they don’t give you the same gorgeous glow. If you’re only going to try one of the makeup trends for summer 2014, make it orange lipstick.

Orange Lipstick Trend(source)

Sheer Tinted Moisturizer as Foundation

The bareface trend didn’t translate as well from the runway to women everywhere, but the key to it is switching to a “no foundation” foundation or even replacing it completely with a sheer tinted moisturizer or BB cream. Forget about full coverage and go for less. If tinted moisturizer isn’t enough, choose a creamy and satiny foundation with moisturizing properties.

Tinted Moisturizer Trend(source)

Dramatic Eyeliner

Angular eyeliner is one of the big makeup trends for summer 2014, but you can also get a softer look with an exaggerated cat-eye. Winged-out eyeliner is a good choice for evening, especially when it’s thicker at the outer corners of your eyes, giving them an instant lifting effect. For daytime, stick to a more subtle approach to eyeliner, that falls into the category of a “no makeup” makeup look.

Cat Eye Makeup Trend(source)

Blue Eyeshadow

Aquatic shades are perfect for your summer holiday, but this is one of the more difficult summer makeup trends to pull off. Stay away from blues with a frosty finish and opt for bright shades.

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For a more youthful look, you can replace the blues with other cool shades, like purple or lilac, but make sure they have a blue base in order to fight redness.

Blue Makeup Trend(source)

Softer Eyebrows

While big androgynous brows are still a bit trend, you can go for a softer approach, with the right arch for your face shape. Making sure your brows are well defined is still one of the big makeup trends for summer 2014, but if you want to keep the brows straighter and more natural looking, you’ll need to focus more on curling your eyelashes, to get a romantic touch that balances the look of the most boyish eyebrows.

Eyebrow Makeup Trend(source)

Daring Cream Blush

Rosy blush has been a big hit on the runway, but the right way to get a beautiful glow is to opt for creams and liquid blushes, not for powders. Whether you prefer a warm apricot or a softer golden pink, go for the highest point of your cheeks in order to get the cool summer trend. Make sure you pick the right shade of blush based on the look of your skin after bronzer, not before.

Blush Trend(source)

Big Eyelashes

The doe-eyed look that Twiggy and Audrey Hepburn popularized in the ‘60s is back. Big eyelashes are definitely one of the biggest makeup trends for summer 2014. Use a curler and a volumizing waterproof mascara for warm humid days.

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You can even opt for false eyelashes, and not just on top. Eyelashes on the top and bottom eyelids are definitely not a day look, but you can definitely pull it off successfully this summer, in the evening.

Long Lashes Trend(source)

Metallic Eyeshadow

While bold metallics make for a gorgeous and dramatic runway look, the key to making this trend wearable is to go for the subtle approach. You can go for golden or bronze with just a touch of metallic shine or for an even softer look, try using a metallic eyeliner and an eyeshadow in a complementary tone.

Metallic Eyeshadow Trend(source)

White Eyeliner

One of the most daring makeup trends for summer 2014, white eyeliner doesn’t need to be interpreted literally. However, if you don’t like the look, you can’t deny the beautiful brightening and illuminating effect it can have on the skin. Using white just at the inner corner of your eye will make your eyes seems bigger and brighter. If all whites are off the table, try a nude eyeliner on the lower waterline for a similar brightening effect.

White Eyeliner Trend(source)