Inspired by the Mexican Day of the Dead, sugar skull tradition (sugar skulls are intricately decorated candy brought as offerings to the dead), sugar skull makeup has become a very hot Halloween makeup look. 

Bear in mind sugar skull makeup is elaborate and requires painstaking attention to detail, but it looks stunning and is definitely worth the hard work. It’s best to practice the sugar skull makeup a few times, so you won’t panic if something goes wrong right before the Halloween party. 

How to Do Sugar Skull Makeup: Sugar Skull Makeup

To create a Mexican sugar skull makeup look, you will need:

– white base for face– bright matte eyeshadows or a face painting palette– black liquid liner and/or black pencil eyeliner with sharpener– mascara– optional: sequins, rhinestones, glitter, false lashes

Halloween Sugar Skull Face DesignSimple Sugar Skull Makeup For HalloweenSugar Skull Makeup With RosesSugar Skull MakeupSimple Sugar Skull Makeup For Halloween

1. First pick a sugar skull makeup design. 

2. Start with the white/light base. Layer the product until you get the coverage you want. 

3. Darken up the eyes with your eye pencil, then go over with black and/or colored eyeshadow to make it last longer and prevent creasing. Let your bone structure guide you to know how far to go with the sugar skull eye makeup. When doing Halloween face painting, after the base always follow with shadows and parts that don’t need precision. 

4. Move on to nose and draw it on if the design you’ve picked features a blackened, skull nose (or “no nose”). You can resort again to black eye pencil, finishing with matte black eyeshadow, to make it appear deeper and less shiny.

5. Do the same on the cheeks. Your bone structure should be your guide when doing sugar skull makeup. Find your own bone structure and use more black to highlight the hollows of your cheeks.

Rainbow Sugar Skull Makeup For HalloweenRainbow Sugar Skull MakeupHalloween Sugar Skull Makeup Design

Halloween Sugar Skull MakeupSugar Skull Makeup Idea For Halloween

6. Use your liquid liner to draw the details of your sugar skull makeup. For a true-to-form Mexican sugar skull makeup look, you will need intricate decoration. Popular patterns include spiderwebs and flowers. You can start by drawing a spiderweb pattern on the forehead in black pencil. The hardest part of this makeup is making both parts symmetrical, so make sure you take your time and use a steady hand to draw on the tiny details. 

7. Draw some thin black lines over and across the lips, so they would look like teeth.

8. Put on black liner and mascara, and add fake eyelashes.

9. Add tiny rhinestones, glitter or sequins to your patterns to make them more intricate. 

10. For a genuine-looking sugar skull makeup, do not forget to add white also to your ears and down your neck.

Sugar Skull Halloween Makeup LookColorful Sugar Skull Makeup For HalloweenHalloween Sugar Skull Design

Sugar Skull Makeup Designs For HalloweenSugar Skull Designs For Halloween

The best thing about sugar skull Halloween makeup? Such an intricate makeup is guaranteed to draw attention to your face, so you can get away with a very simple costume.

Bright Sugar Skull Makeup

Simple Sugar Skull Face Design

Sugar Skull Halloween Makeup