Skelita Calaveras is Monster High‘s Mexican skeleton-inspired character and resembles a sugar skull. Find out how you can do Skelita’s makeup for Halloween or a costume party!

What you’ll need:– face painting palette (try Kryolan Supracolor)– foundation, face powder– teal and blue eyeshadows– nude/white eyeliner pencil– black eyeliner– shimmery blue eyeshadow or eyeliner– bronzer– burgundy lipstick– blonzer– wig

Skelita Calaveras Makeup: Face

Use a face painting palette to create the perfect base. Mix white and green paint with a light colored foundation to get Skelita’s pale skin tone. Work it into the skin with a brush, sponge or using your fingers. Set the face with a pale powder, then use a primer on and around the eyes and also the lips.

Skelita Cavaleras Makeup Steps

Skelita Calaveras Makeup: Eyes

Use a teal colored eyeshadow on the upper eyelid and a medium blue under the eye. Use a clean fluffy brush to blend the eyeshadows. Bring down the color well under the eye and blend until you get a seamless transition.

Use a nude colored eyeliner pencil starting on the waterline to exaggerate the white of your eyes. Bring it past your waterline creating an almond eye shape. This make your eyes look bigger and more doll-like. You can even add a thin layer of white paint from your face painting palette, but make sure you place it on the outer edge of your lower lash line, without getting it on the waterline or in your eyes. Use a thin brush and a steady hand.

Re-draw the contour of the eyes with a black eyeliner. Add a strong shape to the eyebrows with black matte eyeshadow and use a black eyeliner pencil for finishing details. Trace a curved line underneath the eyebrows using an ivory pencil for highlight and blend down into the blue eyeshadow. 

Skelita Calaveras Makeup: Face Design

Start drawing on Skelita’s face design, first the main elements, then follow with the smaller details. Use a shimmery blue cream eyeshadow or eyeliner pencil to draw three small flowers under the eyes.

The doll makeup wouldn’t be complete without a pair of false lashes. Apply glue to the seam of the false lashes and wait 30 seconds until the glue gets sticky. Place the false lashes above your natural lash line and press carefully. Go for big, dramatic lashes with this look to complete the doll look.

Monster High Skelita Calaveras Makeup

Draw the nose with a black eyeliner pencil and use a burgundy color on the lips. Add the contour, stitches and the vertical lines to the lips with a black eyeliner.

Skelita Calaveras Costume Makeup

Use a dark bronzer in the hollows of the cheeks and bring it down the sides of the face. Finish the makeup by drawing on the rest of Skelita’s tendril details with the liquid liner. A black wig with orange streaks will round out your Skelita Calaveras look perfectly.

Makeup by Deea Bălgărădean for

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