One of the most popular trends when it comes to Halloween party makeup is the vampire look. This craze has risen again when the hit movie “Twilight” came out. Vampires have always been wrapped in mystery because of the stories that have been circulating for so many centuries.

The vampire craze started when Bram Stoker’s incredible novel “Dracula” came out. The book was so successful people still love it today. It helped feed people’s imagination and fear of vampires.

Vampire movies and stories have been popular for so many decades now, and people still haven’t had enough of it. Movies and books about vampires are always going to be popular because vampires will always express seduction, mystery and fear, a combo which seems to be the key to success.

Since Halloween is the best time for you to show your creativity when it comes to costume design and makeup, and since vampire costumes are one of the most classical approaches, we will help you create a look using makeup for a cool vampire Halloween makeup costume.

Vampires are known for their pale complexion, so starting with makeup base, a light colored foundation and powder is a must. You can choose a red colored blush for your cheekbones if you wish to achieve a more sensual and feminine look. Blush is a great way to instantly add a touch of color to your newly pale complexion.

Black eyeliner and dark eyeshadow is a must because vampires have well defined eyes. Not only will your eyes stand out and look gorgeous, you will also look trendy since dramatic eye makeup is one of the latest makeup trends this year.

You can use either the eyeliner, the eyeshadows or both, depending on how dramatic you want to appear. If you wish you can add false eyelashes to get a better eye definition.

Dark colored lipstick is a great option if you are going for a more subtle eye make-up by wearing just the eyeliner. You want to look scary not awful, so make sure you either emphasize your eyes or your lips, not both. Choose the colors which you like best, you can go for black, dark browns, dark reds, depending on each person’s preference.



To complete the makeup you can go for a pair of extreme colored contact lenses. These lenses are a great option for this type of special occasions. They will absolutely help you transform and complete your look into a gorgeous vampire.

A pair of fake fangs are all you still need so you can be the greatest vampire of this Halloween.

Remember that this year’s vampires are the hottest thing out there, so if you’re looking to be trendy and stylish at the same time, vampire is the way to go!

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