Halloween is that party of the year that allows people to choose the character they want to be, what costume to wear and what accessories to use to complete the ensemble.

But what happens when you totally forget about this holiday and your friends invite you to a Trick or Treat party? You just cannot refuse them, so you have to adjust and find a costume and a matching makeup. Here are some last minute Halloween makeup and costume tips.

Last Minute Halloween Makeup Ideas

Batman Look

Here’s a cute Halloween makeup. You can create a handcrafted mask that will represent the iconic symbol of the dark knight, even if you don’t accessorize it with a long cap. All you need for this look is black face paint.

Batman Face Mask Halloween Makeup

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Ballerina Style

Do you remember Natalie Porman’s Black Swan? Well, you can choose to combine bright with dark shadows to create a dramatic dark ballerina makeup. You will definitely make an 

Black Swan MakeupBlack Swan Crystals Makeup

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Zombie Makeup

This is another common look that you can easily recreate at home. You probably want a scary look and not a grotesque one. So all you have to do is to paint your face white, add a dash of blood here and there, plus some blue veins. Finish your look with a dark lipstick and you are ready to have some fun.

Lace Stencil Style

If you opted for a fantasy character, lace is your friend. All you have to do is to place a lace fabric over the area you want to cover, and hold the fabric with tape while applying some cream or powder eyeshadow over the fabric. Once you are happy with the result, you should carefully lift away the fabric. You’ll now have a stunning stencil pattern that you can protect with a strong eye makeup sealer.

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Last Minute Halloween Costumes

Iron Chef

This is one cute and very easy Halloween costume to pull off. All you need is a Chef’s hat and hold an iron. 

Pumpkin Pi Halloween CostumePainting Frame Halloween CostumeImage via

Pumpkin Pi

If you want to go for an original festive look, then you should dress all in orange. Cut out a pi symbol from black paper and tape it to your shirt. Originality is always welcome!

Self- Portrait

If you want a last minute Halloween look, this simple choice is perfect for you! All you have to do is to carry a large and empty picture frame and hold it in front of the face.

Fork On the Road

To pull off this outfit, you will have to wear black. Then, grab a white duck tape and make a line of dashes that should begin at one ankle and end at the collar. In the end, add a fork along the route.

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