Fashion Week unveiled an array of stunning beauty looks that you can easily turn towards for inspiration. The much awaited Halloween is closing in fast, so contouring an idea about which character you’re going to choose this year is a must as this way you can pay attention and perfect every detail of your scary costume. Some of the spring 2013 runway fashion shows prove to be perfect sources of inspiration for cool Halloween makeup looks, so check out our selection of makeup styles and use your faves as inspiration.

Vampiresque makeup looks are the most popular and there are numerous pigments and styles out there to turn towards to achieve a head-turning makeup look. Jean Paul Gaultier and Marc Jacobs proved that achromatic pigments and blood-red tones can be perfect when it comes to creating a dramatic makeup. You can go dark with a deep black eye makeup or you can infuse a touch of sexiness by adding red to your eyes and lips. Keep the lines of your eye makeup sharp and just lightly blended as this will help intensify the drama effect of the makeup and give you a much fiercer appearance.

Makeup guru Pat McGrath went all glam with the makeup looks created for Christian Dior’s spring 2013 fashion show. The eye makeup packs a high dose of glamor overlapped with edginess, making it perfect for any glam fairytale costume. The look can be achieved with an intense, bright colored eyeshadow and rhinestones. The eyeshadow is applied as desired on the eyes going full drama with the style and over the colored glitzy glam rhinestones are applied using a bit of false eyelash glue. The rhinestones are set individually on the eyelid, so choose to cover just the outer part of your eye makeup or the entire eyelid, depending on the effect you’re trying to achieve.

A bold, uber-theatrical makeup look was used for Anna Sui’s fashion, so if you’re looking for an eye makeup look that is all about drama with a certain Black Swan appeal, turn towards the use of a bright colored eyeshadow and a black eyeliner. Apply the color across the eyelid from the inner corner towards the outer corner of the eye and use the eyeliner to draw artistic lines close to the eyelash flicking the line way outward to maximize the length of the eye, across the crease and in the inner corner of the eye. Use a tan blush to sculpt and emphasize the cheekbones and keep your lips nude or color them using the lip color that you feel suits perfectly your Halloween costume. Get creative as this is the perfect season to go wild with makeup without being criticized for it!

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