Makeup can be a great way to upgrade your Halloween look, as Halloween is one of the most awaited holidays of the year. Makeup can offer you a variety of benefits on a daily basis but it can also be used in a more artistic manner, to complete the look of your favorite Halloween costume. However, if you are out of ideas, there are a variety of Halloween makeup ideas from the runway you can turn towards for inspiration.

It seems that some designers have a very artistic way to underline their fashion collections so they turn towards the help of makeup, in a very unusual but artistic way. These styles can be perfect for Halloween so inspire yourself from the following makeup styles featured on the runway fashion presentations, styles which stand out and attract attention:

Choosing to play with colored eyeshadow, light colored foundation, white powder and bold colored lipstick can definitely be helpful if you are trying to create a makeup style to suit your cool Halloween costume, whether you are a young girl or a woman. the light colored foundation and powder will give you a pale skin which will make you look like a zombie/vampire/clown.

You can choose to either create a perfect eye makeup and go bold with color of choose to smudge your makeup, creating a running makeup look which attracts attention through the bold and smudged eyeshadow shades used. Apply a lipstick which features a bold coloration and which you will apply all over your lips or just in the center to create geisha style lips.

If too much color when it comes to makeup is not for you or just doesn’t suit the style of your Halloween costume, you can try to go a bit more subtle by turning towards a vampire style makeup which features a light skin complexion which you can easily create using light colored foundation and powder, a dark and bold colored eye makeup and bold bloody red lips created using a dark red lipstick.

For a more interesting effect you can use false eyelashes as they come in a variety of cool shades and sizes so you can really make your eyes pop.

For a more simple look draw yourself a mustache, or create oversized plump lips using makeup. Inspire yourself from the fabulously talented fashion designers which usually go for this type of makeup styles for their fashion collection presentations, designers such as John Galliano and Vivienne Westwood!

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