Everyone loves Halloween – it’s easy to understand why; Halloween allows you to show your creativity in a variety of fun and exiting ways. This holiday season instead of purchasing difficult, claustrophobic masks complete your look with dramatic makeup. Halloween makeup is also cheap and inexpensive and will allow you to be much more creative. 

The harajuku girl or geisha Halloween makeu is the easiest look to achieve. Just use a very pink or red blush and a colorful eye shadow to make your lids, temples, and upper cheekbone really pop; blend gently at the edges of your cheeks and about halfway under the lower lash line. Use plenty of mascara, and complete the look with dramatic liquid liner. You can even put on a pair of false lashes to bring the look to the extreme.

Halloween Geisha Makeup Ideas

Credit: Stevan Zhao

Geisha Makeup HalloweenGeisha Halloween

Credit: Samantha Weightman

Use unusually colorful makeup to get fantasy effect: you could be a fairy, pixie, mermaid, a princess or a genie.

Halloween Mermaid Makeup

Credit: PixieCold Deviantart

Butterly Pixie Makeup HalloweenGlitter Pixie Makeup Halloween

Credit: Adia Braun

Halloween Sugar Skull Makeup

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There are fantasy colored eye contact lens available, with bloodshot effect – perfect for vampire, freak or zombie costume – , or the iris part shaped as cat eyes. Wearing them will not only look different, but feel extreme. To complete this look, you can try one dramatic pair of  false eyelashes.


Scary Mummy MakeupScary Freak Makeup Halloween


Simple Vampire MakeupSexy Vampire Makeup Halloween


Fantasy Makeup HalloweenMarie Anoinette Makeup Halloween

There are many extreme false leashes, adorned with feathers, crystals, rhinestones or sequins to assure you a glamorous look.

No matter which one will you try, just experiment and have fun. Happy Halloween!