Cleo de Nile is the freakishly fabulous mummy ghoul from Monster High.

Here’s how you can copy Cleo de Nile’s makeup look for a costume party or for Halloween!

What you’ll need:– darker foundation and powder– eyeshadow primer– purple and red eyeshadows– ivory eye pencil– white cream eyeshadow (optional)– black liquid liner– false lashes– black eye liner pencil– white eyeshadow– red lip pencil and lipstick– bronzer

Cleo de Nile Makeup: Face

Use slightly darker foundation to mimic Cleo’s mocha skin tone. Blend well into the skin to create an even canvas and set it with powder.

Monster High Cleo De Nile Makeup Tutorial

Cleo de Nile Makeup: Eyes

Prep eyes with a primer on both upper and lower eyelids, then use a purple eyeshadow on the upper eyelid and blend the edges with a burgundy red color. Use a clean fluffy brush with a rounded tip to create a smokey eye effect.

Define the area under the eyebrows by tracing a line with an ivory pencil. Create the effect of big, doll-like eyes using the same pencil on the lower lash line. You can even go over with a white cream eyeshadow to open up eyes even more.

Draw an exaggerated cat eye with liquid eyeliner and square out the outer corner. Add burgundy eyeshadow under the lower liner using a small, stiff brush.

Apply two pairs of false lashes on both upper and lower lash lines. Draw on Cleo de Nile’s strong eyebrows with a black eyeliner pencil, then highlight the brow bone with white eyeshadow.

Cleo de Nile Makeup: Lips

Line the lips with a red pencil and fill them in with a burgundy lip color. Create an ombre effect by applying black eyeshadow to the outer edges and blend with the burgundy color.

Cleo de Nile Makeup: Finishing Touches

Draw on Cleo de Nile’s blue beauty mark on the left cheek or use a stick-on rhinestone. Then add bronzer to the cheeks, temples and jawline to warm up the skin.

Cleo De Nile Inspired Makeup

Complete your Cleo de Nile look with an Egyptian style wing with long dark hair and straight across bangs.

Cleo De Nile Monster High Makeup

Cleo De Nile Tutorial For Halloween

Makeup by Deea Bălgărădean for

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