Classic eye makeup looks have the power to add an ultra sophisticated note to any look, being a foolproof way of avoiding faux pas and attracting the right kind of attention. Simple and understated or intricate and glamorous, these eye makeup looks are always a great choice for stealing the spotlight:

The cat eye makeup look

The perfect combination between sultriness and apparent effortlessness, the cat eye makeup look is a classic eye makeup every girl should master. A high quality eyeliner, a steady hand and patience are the main things you’ll need to create the look. There are several ways to create the coveted style, however, many girls swear by a sticky tape trick for creating matching lines on both eyes.

Cat Eyes Makeup

This trick uses a two inch long piece of scotch tape which is first pressed on the back of the hand a few times in order to reduce its adhesive power and thus protect the delicate eye area. The piece of tape is first cut in half horizontally. Then, one half of the tape is placed near the bottom lashes in a diagonal direction following the natural path of the eyes, going upwards. The second half should be placed on the inner corner of the eye towards the outer corner, where the two pieces of tape should intersect. The next steps are to fill in the area unprotected by the two pieces of tape with the gel or liquid eyeliner and carefully peel off the tape once the product dries.

Classic Winged Eyeliner Style

Minimalist eye makeup look

When it comes to classy eye makeup looks, the less is more principle often applies. Minimalist makeup looks are constantly spotted on the runways and are beloved by trendsetters and proponents of natural makeup looks alike for their polished and effortless allure, and because it can be easily customized for night.

Soft Pink Eye MakeupMinimalist Makeup Look

The smokey eye makeup look

The smokey eye makeup look is one of the most frequently spotted makeup looks on the red carpet since it packs a mesmerizing blend of sexiness and glamor that inevitably attracts attention within seconds. While the dark smokey eye makeup look is the one most women tend to think about whenever they want a timeless look, lighter tones can work equally well, especially during the summer season. Experimenting with different textures is a great way to update this classic eye makeup style and adding a modern twist to any look.

Copper Smokey EyesGray Black Smokey EyesBrown Tone Eye Makeup

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