Believe it or not the perfect color of your lipstick is a great backup when you want to pull off a foxy look. Beside matching it with your natural skin color you must also decide beforehand on the effect you want to create. You\’ll get kissable lips on the spot if you manage to plump it with a natural still emphasizing shade. Depending on the nature of the event you\’re meant to appear choose one of the hottest lipstick trends of the season: nude or blood red.

The secret to sport a stunning look is to know the benefits of both these shades. Choose the one that complements your look and adds a glam to your voguish makeup. Indeed lipsticks come in an unlimited range of shades from one extreme to the other. The look of celebrities can illustrate the power of these two makeup tricks. Look at the differences and pick the one that fits your preferences the most.

Katherine Heigl Nude Lips Katherine Heigl Red Lips

Nude Lips

Usually nude lips are used as a means to emphasize the rest of the makeup. It is a mass tendency to dress down the lips when we want to pinpoint the effect of the eyes. Indeed nude lipstick is perfect for this. However the issue is far from being that simple.

Nude colors are available in endless shades, from the peachy to the pink and the perfectly neutral nude lipstick tones. The trick is to choose according to our features, as skin tone. Those who target the all natural and rather no-makeup look will find nude lipstick a great help. Look for shades that add a fine and gentle flair to your makeup without looking artificial and ultra-pale.

Mischa Barton Nude Lips Mischa Barton Red Lips

The creamy lips will offer a polished and sensual look to your makeup. Applying liquid foundation or a bit of concealer before using the lipstick will preserve its best shape. Those who might find it a bit uncomfy should still make sure that their lips are not chapped and won\’t look dry and unhealthy. Remember nude is similar to a microscope, the transparent shield will flash all the flaws.

Deep Red Lips

Deep red lips are must have accessories of the season. The revival of vintage style more and more ladies seem to find huge pleasure in giving a bloody tint to their lips. Besides echoing the classy pinup makeup red lipstick will also add a romantic allure to your look.

Hayden Panettiere Red Lips Hayden Panettiere Red Lips

Those who opt for this tiny detail will be immediately spotted. This makeup technique is obviously not about masking. A profound and glittering shade will also be the password to attention and romance. Porcelain skin works best with this tone since the effect will be more eye-popping than with a tanned skin.

Makeup artists pinpoint the importance of choosing the red lipstick according to skin tone. Whether you belong to the cold or warm group will decide if you\’ll go with the pink, peachy, golden or berry tones. Warm colored skin works best with golden tones, whereas those who have pink undertones should think on the pinkish scale of shades.

Red lipstick on the other hand should not be matched with red nail polish, dress or even shoes. There\’s no rule for doing it so, rather avoid these if you want to increase the breath-taking effect of the blood red lips. For some finesse opt for similar shades that still belong to the red category, this way you\’ll genuine red lips will be come into evidence more.

Wear an age-appropriate makeup if you\’re too young, especially on a daily basis. Keep the pinup look for special occasions if you are not confident enough to sport it regularly.