Bella Swan, the lovely character from the Twilight and Twilight Saga: New Moon played by Kristen Stewart has managed to boost her career ski high, as so many people have fallen in love with the story and the characters featured in the movie.

One of the most interesting things about Bella is that this character matches Kristen’s character very well. The similarity is given off by the fashion style as well as the make-up worn by Kristen on and off the set. Her careless glam rock style has driven girls wild on an international level, as she has become a muse and a source of inspiration for their fashion style and make-up.

Because Kristen Stewart’s fashion style leans towards glam rock or tomboyish, her make-up is kept to a minimum. Her favorite make-up style is the all so fabulous smokey eye make-up which has become a huge trend on and off the red carpet.

Smokey eyes have an incredible amount of sexiness attached to it due to it’s eye popping effect. This type of make-up is meant to bring out and emphasize the eyes and this is exactly the effect that Kristen Stewart needs to suit her style. A simple, yet fabulous make-up that can be a great option for casual as well as formal occasions, smokey eye make-up can be created using different eyeshadow colors to suit all complexions and eye colors. One of the most preferred shades for creating smokey eyes are grays, browns and black tones, which make the eyes stand out. Shimmery make-up helps create the glam look this make-up is supposed to create and it works great on all complexions.

To help you recreate Kristen Stewart smokey eye make-up follow these steps and you will look fabulous:

start with a freshly clean complexion, cover up any blemishes using a concealer and apply a thin layer of foundation that matches your skin tone perfectly

apply an eyeshadow base on your entire lid

using a dark colored pencil eyeliner line the inside of your upper and lower waterline from the inner towards the outer corner of the eyes. Line the eyelid as well from one corner to the other close to the lash line to give them more definition. Line your lower lid close to the lash line as your eye shape requires. Avoid applying black eyeliner on your waterline if you have small eyes as they will appear even smaller. Use a white eyeliner instead as this will help brighten up your eyes and make them appear larger

take your favorite eyeshadows, one in a lighter tone and the other in a darker, but similar tone and apply the lighter eyeshadow first. Kristen uses mostly brown as the base since it matches her hair and complexion beautifully

apply the darker tone on the corner of your eyelid and blend towards your inner corner until you get a uniform transition from one color to the other. Using an angled brush apply a little bit of the lighter eyeshadow on your lower lid over your eyeliner

take a lash curler and curl your lashes to have them nicely curled. Coat your lashes with black mascara and your eyes will look smokin’ hot

Kristen Stewart’s smokey eye make-up suits her perfectly and enhances her beautiful green eyes. A make-up style worth copycatting, Kristen Stewart’s smokey eye make-up will make you look fabulous.

Photos Copyright © Getty Images, Bobbi Brown