People from Chanel say that they have chosen Johnny Depp’s partner to embody the Chanel Rouge COCO for spring/summer 2010, because it’s a lipstick for all women who understand that seduction comes from a few simple, shy gestures. And Vanessa is both childish and seductive, personifying perfectly boldness and power of emotion.

Rouge COCO will be released in 30 shades, each and every one of them being named after a defining detail in Coco Chanel’s life, such as Camelia (a deep rose), Mademoiselle (a soft pink), Paris (a bright red). The lipstick has been carefully thought in every detail from its various flavors till its texture, which is probably the most important thing about this lipstick, due to its high level of hydrating. The formula includes a compound Chanel called “Hydratender Complex” to sooth and soften lips.

Vanessa Paradis became famous at 14 years old with her huge success of her single “Joe le taxi”. This is not the first time when Vanessa is associated with Chanel. She first lent her looks to the fashion house in 1992 for Coco Fragrance, and in 2003 for Chanel Cambon handbags.

The television clip was directed by Jean-Baptiste Mondino, and it features Paradis applying lipstick in front of a mirror while she whistles the song “Daydream” by ’60s band “The Lovin’ Spoonful”.

Rouge COCO is set for launch in March 2010.