Celebrities sport some of the trendiest makeup looks for red carpet events and get all dolled up using the following ideas. Copy Emma Watson's soft smokey eyes, Taylor Swift smouldering lashes or Kourtney Kardashian's vampy red lips for your next stylish night out!

Celebrities rely greatly on their image, so no wonder most of them are seen sporting the latest trends whether it's fashion or makeup. Because keeping up with what's new as far as makeup trends go is not easy, we have put together some trendy celebrity makeup ideas for 2011, just so you can inspire yourself and look fabulous with every occasion.

Celebrities turn towards the help of professional makeup artists especially when it comes to red carpet events, so they are always sporting some fashionable makeup styles. With the right products, the proper guidance and a little bit of skill, you can recreate these fab and trendy makeup looks and look dazzling. Makeup, if applied properly, can absolutely transform your look by enhancing your best facial features, so check out the following celebrity makeup looks for 2011 and select the ones that suit your style best. Adapt the colors and textures to suit your skin tone and you'll most definitely capture all the attention through your impeccable style.

Trendy Celebrity Makeup Ideas 2011

This year, 'natural' has occupied the front row as far as beauty goes and Emma Watson demonstrates that you don't need a full face makeup to stand out from the crowd. A flawless complexion subtly highlighted in the right places (forehead, bridge of the nose and under eyes) can definitely capture all the attention, so take Emma Watson's example and subtly define your facial features. Place emphasis on your skin and eyes, outlining the latter using a little bit of black eyeliner pencil to add a bit of definition, a sheer shimmery white eye shadow and a lash lengthening mascara. Moisturize your lips using a lip balm and let your natural beauty make you stand out.

Trendy Celebrity Makeup Ideas 2011

Taylor Swift is known as a classic beauty, a celebrity who knows that too much makeup doesn't work to her advantage. Taylor Swift usually opts for soft and sensual makeup styles that accentuate her natural beauty and her best facial features. With a bit of an aristocratic allure, Taylor manages to capture all the attention, so she's definitely a perfect source of inspiration. Again, flawless skin is a must and you can obtain that perfect skin using high quality concealers, skin foundations and matte face powder. If you've got amazing eyes, bring them out using a peach colored eye shadow which you will apply on your eyelid and blend it on your crease as well to enhance the seductiveness of your eyes even further. Apply a pair of false eyelashes to make the eyes pop and blend them in with your natural ones using a black colored mascara. A white eyeliner pencil applied on your waterline will help illuminate your look in addition to making your eyes look bigger. Finish off the look using a sheer lip colored lip gloss, as luscious lips will always help enhance your femininity.

Trendy Celebrity Makeup Ideas 2011

One of the “It” girls of the moment, a true trendsetter, is Kourtney Kardashian who clearly enjoys wearing makeup. If you're looking for a sultry evening makeup, this look will definitely make you turn heads. A vintage drama makeup attracts a generous amount of attention towards your facial features, so try to opt for this makeup style if you're a bit older (over 25), as the bold hues could be harsh on a youthful complexion. Bring out the eyes using a black eyeshadow and lash extensions which will help you stand out especially if you apply a double coat of black colored mascara. A black eyeliner pencil applied on the waterline will add more depth and dimension to your look, so apply it on the upper and lower waterline for best effects. A peach colored blush and a fierce red lipstick will complete your look and give you that oh-so-glam vintage style that dazzles.

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