Celebrities will teach you how to use some of the pro makeup artist tricks and polish your look to perfection regardless of the event you wish to attend. Those who are fond of the ever evolving application techniques and latest formulas will have the privilege to enrich their skill with a few additional tips. These red carpet makeup tricks can be applied by anyone who is eager to experiment with brand new methods and ideas when it comes of both eye,lips and face makeup in general.

Use a primer as the best tool that paves the way of an A-list makeup. This products is one of the revolutionary beauty formulas that has the power to fill the pores as well as hide all the tiny wrinkles and other skin problems. Try your hand at the high street products available on the market and make sure you apply it to a properly moisturized complexion. Moreover using a primer would also improve your look in the various light conditions. This products will reflect light in a miraculous resulting in a fab and natural looking skin glow.

Use powder to keep your nose from looking oily and shiny. This is one of the most important pro makeup artist tricks in order to avoid the disastrous effect artificial light can have on our complexion. Oiliness is one of the nastiest problems that might appear during a red carpet appearance.Therefore you better prepare for it with a high quality and skin color-appropriate face powder. Use a big powder brush to apply it to the delicate spots. The foundation or the primer will ensure the long-lasting effect of this makeup move.

If you wish to make your eyes look bigger and more prominent use black eyeliner to achieve a fabulous glimpse. Dramatic makeup often appeals to this product in order to define the shape of the eyes and make them even more show-stopping.Apply it to the inner and also outer corners for the desired effect. Make sure you do it with a continuous and well-defined move rather than in slow motion.

When it comes of bright eyes ever celebrity has perfect her own techniques to create a scene-stealing impression. However it seems that all comes down to one trick namely, to combine matte eye shadows with shimmer shades. In order to be ready for the flashing cameras it is wise to apply the base eye shadow to the lids then put that glittery glam tone on the arch of the brow bone that would act as a face-brightener in an instant.

Your eyebrows are also statement accessories therefore make sure you devote special attention to these both when you prepare for a special event as well as in general. In order to achieve a red-carpet-worth look make sure the distance between the two eyebrows is no more than 1 inch and a half. This is the ideal dimension that ensures your fab appearance. Choose the best tweezer and cosmetician if you don’t trust your tweezing skills.

Last but definitely not least you can enjoy the voguish look of a long-lasting lip makeup if you apply the following trick. Makeup artist will advise you to use lip liner and cover the whole surface of the lips. This is the guarantee that your lips will look kissable all throughout the party or ceremony. The neutral colored lip liner then will be covered with another layer of lipstick or lip gloss. This is is how it would be easily masked and kept only to achieve the hours-long effect of our spotless makeup.