Our favorite Hollywood beauties are here to share their precious secrets on how to build up a textbook style beauty look. The pro beautician team that guarantees their inspiring looks on and off the red carpet is eager to shepherd you through the basics of the chief makeup application techniques.

The top makeup tips of the stars below help you inject some refinement and interest into your appearance. Highlight your best assets with suitable shades and textures. Feel free to experiment with a wide repertoire of designs and beauty ideas until you’ll find the most flattering looks you can nail down at both casual and glam party events.

Lauren Conrad

The Hills star and rising designer is famous for her lovely and subtle sex-appeal. One of the most impressive beauty trends she’s fond of is the cat eye makeup. Lauren Conrad reveals us her secret of nailing down this too-hot-to-handle look. The trick to create a fab cat eye is to close your eyes and use the eyeliner to draw the winged line. Lauren states that if you stretch your eye, the effect will be slightly ‘overdone’ as the moment you let your lids the line will become much more thicker. Practice is the buzzword here, therefore make sure you try your hand at a multitude of eyeliner types from creamy to liquid formulas until you find the one that perfectly suits your complexion.

Eva Mendes

The lovely Hollywood diva shares her trick of creating the perfect glow. In order to arm up her complexion with natural radiance Eva mixes her bronzer with a moisturizer.

The effect will be simply mesmerizing and this trick also guarantees the perfect and uniform application. Skip self-tanners and use this pro tips to pull off a flawless makeup base.

Halle Berry

Halle Berry is a real beauty icon always flashing her radiating beauty. Minimalist style beauty trends are the real deal for this actress, who knows exactly how to build up an inspiring and barely there makeup.

Halle shares with all beauty bunnies her secret to create the kissable lips effect. First and foremost Halle applies red lipstick on her lips, then she uses a paper tissue to wipe it off carefully. In order to finish up her lip plumping beauty project, she opted for clear gloss.

AnnaLynne McCord

AnnaLynne McCord is the master of dazzling looks. The young actress knows how to draw the attention to her charming glimpse. We find out that AnnaLynne uses a concealer that is at least two shades lighter than the color of her complexion and she applies it right under the eyes. The revitalizing beauty tricks will do magic with your glimpse especially if you struggle with puffy or tired eyes. Use this Hollywood makeup hint to make sure you flaunt your best look.


This time we find out Riri’s secret of rocking out the hottest smokey eye look. The key to highlight our glimpse and boost the prominence of the eyes is to apply the dark eye shadow color first on the lower lashline and head towards the temples. Then proceed to the next step of defining the eyelids.

Blend the various shades with care and make sure you don’t stick to black and grey tones only. Experiment with the many shades of brown, purple, green or blue. This is the ultimate method to keep your look versatile and inspiring following the footsteps of Rihanna.

Carrie Underwood

The uber-popular singer is the perfect inspiration if you’re looking for a Hollywood beauty muse. The secret trick Carrie uses to ensure the long-lasting hold of her glittery glam makeup is to apply shimmery eye shadow formulas with a flat edge and wet cosmetic brush. This is one of the methods you can easily adopt to make sure you nail down a radiating and catchy eye makeup. Let the young songbird’s hottest looks be your inspiration.

Image courtesy of Getty Images