Celebrity looks created by the most prominent beauticians from the industry will show you how to work the most impressive makeup trends of the moment. There’s no need for pro applicator skills in order to copycat the following designs. Instead, make sure you have a properly equipped makeup kit with all the dapper shades and formulas.

Get the glamazon look or you can also stick to less flashy beauty ideas to emphasize all your best assets. Follow the makeup guide below and take a closer look at the most visionary and simple celebrity makeup ideas below. Keep them at hand when preparing for a special event where first impression is extremely important. Try your hand at a rich shade palette that includes brights, pastels and metallic hues. Let your skin tone and eye color be the determining factor during your quest for a dream look.

Green Eye Makeup

Keri Hilson knows how to rock out the sparkling makeup trends. She plays with brights like a real artist. This time she opted for a green eyeliner to define her eye shape and also inject some interest into her glimpse. Her beauty bunny talent lies in the idea of adding a shimmery finish to her lids and keeping the emphasis on the refined green shade. If you wish to steal her look, make sure you apply a liquid or cream eyeliner and draw a thicker line from the inner to outer corner of your eyes. Additionally, she vamped up her eyes with false lashes that attract immediate attention. Keri preserved the sophisticated and neat style of her makeup by applying nude gloss on her lips.

Lilac Eye Makeup

Selena Gomez is a master of pastel makeup shades. She always succeeds in selecting an age-appropriate and at the same time ultra-flirty beauty design for the red carpet. This time she opted for lilac to highlight her brown eyes. Using a sophisticated powder eye shadow she defined her glimpse turning it into the top attraction of her formal appearance.

In order to obtain the same wow effect all you have to do is pick your favorite lilac tone that suits your complexion shade. Make sure you cover the lids with it and tackle also the lower lashline in order to make the impression more radiating. Crown your eye makeup with black mascara for dazzling and catchy lashes. In order to preserve the natural-looking and suave effect of your makeup choose a nude or rosy colored lip gloss to bring out the most of your plumped lips.

Two-Tone Eye Makeup

Stephanie Pratt flashed her experimental side with this ultra-glamorous two tone eye makeup. Using a wider color palette guarantees her constant position in the spotlight. Those who are real adventurers when it comes to makeup trends will have the opportunity to copycat this versatile and high street look. Define your eyes with a blue pencil and make sure you draw a thicker line to the upper lashline. Afterwards, you can use a rosy shade to sweep across your lids right up in to the sockets. Create the fabulous duo effect by leaving the shades to make an individual effect without blending them. Use some mascara to make sure you bring out your rich and super-long lashes with a simple move.

Image courtesy of Getty Images, PR Photos