The beauty of makeup is that you can use it to obtain a different look every single time, a look that will always maintain a high interest and make heads turn. If you want to keep up with what’s hot and what’s not in the makeup scene, easiest is to check out the latest celebrity makeup looks. Celebrities sport the latest trends in everything, so they are the perfect source of inspiration for an up-to-date look, therefore, if you’re looking for a sultry celebrity makeup, check out the following celebrity looks as they are absolutely breathtaking.

Makeup can become your best ally as long as you’ve got the application technique right, as if not, it will be your worst enemy. Adapt the colors, textures and styles to suit your facial features to enhance your natural beauty. Makeup is supposed to accentuate your best features, not make you look like you’re wearing a mask, so keep things natural and use products which satisfy your needs. The following celebrities have dazzled with their looks, so inspire yourself from your favorite celebrity and create a sultry makeup look that will make heads turn.

Demi Lovato Eye Makeup Ideas

If you’ve got fabulous eyes, you need to put them into value using makeup and the best way to do that is to define them using false eyelashes and mascara. Demi Lovato rocked this look and managed to attract all the attention. Falsies have been used for decades now and they have always managed to bring a little bit of drama to the look. Use a soft sheer pearl eyeshadow to add that touch of glamor to the eyes and apply a thick pair of false eyelashes which you’ll blend in with your natural ones using a black colored mascara. Use a soft black eyeliner to add more depth to your eyes and smudge the line towards the outside corners to obtain an instant eye lift. Use an illuminating product on the cheek bones and temples for radiance. A sheer lip gloss will make your lips more luscious and will round out your sexy makeup look.

Jennifer Lopez Eye Makeup 2011

A natural glow is highly praised this year, but that doesn’t mean you have to skip the makeup application step. You have to use neutral tones to define your best facial features, so take Jennifer Lopez‘ makeup style into consideration and inspire yourself for your next fab makeup look. Jen opted for a lovely shimmery gold eye shadow, complemented with a blended brown hue applied at the outer 3rd of the eyelid for depth. Finish the look with a black lengthening mascara which will extend the eyelashes and make them stand out. Keep the rest of your makeup natural and opt for a peach or tan colored blush and a seductive nude lip gloss.

Keri Hilson Celebrity Makeup Looks

If you’re thinking sexy, go for smokey eyes and Keri Hilson’s smoked-up makeup is a perfect match for women who want to adopt an alluring look. A fabulous velvety navy blue is used in combination with a shimmery taupe eyeshadow for a fabulous smoked-up look that captures attention. The eye makeup is created in a cat-eye shape, by extending the darker shade up towards the outer corner of the eyes. Fabulous demi falsies are applied to create that sultry look that shouts glamor, so make sure you opt for ones which gradually increase in length from the inside corner out. Complete your look using a peach colored blush and a lovely nude colored lipstick.

Photos courtesy of Getty Images