Get Rihanna’s stunning smokey eyes make-up!

Smoking out your eyes has become a popular eye makeup technique because it is simple to create and benefits all types of faces!

Smoky eye makeup is essentially a makeup application that darkens the lids and highlights the brow bone. The shades usually used are black and gray but other shades including emerald, purple and copper are also great options to consider.

Celebs including Rihanna are huge fans of the makeup look and opt for it regardless of teh occasion, be it a casual event or a red carpet one. The great thing about this makeup look is that it completes various styles, meaning you can have this makeup done and opt for a cool casual outfit or a cocktail dress and you’ll look equally fabulous.

How to Get Rihanna’s Smokey Eye Makeup:

First, outline the inner rim of the eye. Then thicken and round out the liner at the upper lashline. You can do this quickly and even a bit carelessly since you’ll be covering it with shadow. The important thing is to fill in the space so that your entire lash line is blacked out. Pick a charcoal or jewel tone which turns into a smoky green. Take a brush and, in small circular motions, swirl the pigment up from the lashline to the crease to create a beautiful gradient effect. With the remaining color on your brush, line the lower lashline.

Finish with liner around the eyes. Darken brows subtly to avoid obtaining a fake or too bold look which can be labeled as unaesthetic. Use a brow pencil lighter than your brow color to obtain a natural sculpted brow look.

Next you should focus on your lips. Now, there are two paths you can take with your makeup. You can opt for a softer look by choosing a nude lipstick with a sheer finish or you can opt for a deep matte red, purple or hot pink lipstick which will give your look a totally edgy allure that will surely attract a lot of attention.