Glam GenerationThe obsession of nude lipstick started back in the 60s. Before that, red lipstick was the best selling cosmetic product of the entire world and every Hollywood actress was wearing it very red. Those who dictated the makeup trends were the celebrity makeup artists (especially Max Factor) and since then no natural lipsticks were on market, makeup artist were using foundation over red lipstick to get the nude lips effect.

Elizabeth Taylor and Kim Novak were the first movie stars who made the transition from red to nude lips with style and class.With the new nude lips trend more celebrities started to wear it, “but actresses like Brigitte Bardot and Julie Christie made nude lips a chic trend”, says Richard Dean, Max Factor makeup artist. That’s how nude lipstick has become the perfect accessory for the “just-got-out-of-bed” look (very sexy at that time).

In the late 60s eyes became the main focus of the makeup. The bigger, the darker (tons of black eyeliner and excessive mascara), the sexier and hotter. The celebrities had the “sad doll” appearance, introduced by Brigitte Bardot and after adopted by Twiggy and Edie Sedgwick. The first company that created nude lipsticks was Max Factor in 1961 launching the California Sun line, with a dense matte texture.

In our days modern lipsticks contain ingredients like rich, nourishing and restructuring Karite oil (in all Chanel lipsticks), bio-polymers with remarkable hydrating properties and shimmery oils that give a specific shine to the lips. Today’s celebrities are addicted to these nude lipsticks. From mauve to pale pink, cappuccino, beige or mocca-latte, nude lipsticks are easy to match with all types of makeup.

Jennifer Lopez loves nude and glossy lips. Eva Longoria wears only mocca-latte shades that compliments her skin tone. Sarah Jessica Parker sticks to natural with rose-colored cheeks and lips. Jennifer Aniston picks lipsticks with pink-ish pigments. Ashley Tisdale is addicted to shimmery lipsgloss.Charlize Theron adores liquid lipsticks with shimmery particles. Emma Bunton aka “Baby Spice” prefers creamy pink lipsticks that goes well with her blonde tresses.