Our favorite beauty icons updated their makeup repertoire to the latest trends and flaunt us their best look with the help of the most stylish shades and textures from the market. These new season celebrity makeup ideas will prepare you for the wave of beauty trends inspired by the runway as well as the visionary look of the greatest makeup artists.

Bring out your flirty side and juggle with the visual effect of the must have makeup shades and textures of the moment. Your top celebrity beauties are here to show you how to upgrade your look to the newest trends and show off your refined and unique style sense. The following new season celebrity makeup ideas aim to guide you through the selection of the most flattering look that will definitely boost your confidence and bring out your unique sex-appeal. With the arrival of the award season you'll have the chance to steal the beauty tricks from the red carpet and copycat all the A-list makeup designs promoted by some of the beauty icons of the moment.

Selena Gomez is one of the most beloved teen stars and also the best example on how young girls turn into real ladies by being constantly in the spotlight. The young actress and singer managed to mesmerize the world with her natural beauty and charisma. This makeup style from the 2011 People's Choice Awards is yet another example on how a low key makeup made up of gray eye shadow and nude lips can look simply irresistible. If you're impressed by this simple-to-copycat look, make sure you try your hand at a similar design and test your application skills as well as your talent to choose the best shades.

Taylor Swift looks at the bright side of life and chose orange to bring out the most of her youthful beauty. Orange lips are still among the up-and-coming beauty trends of the season, therefore, it is highly recommended to try it. Choose a lighter shade if you wish to create a more natural looking makeup, whereas the dark and more intensive tones are perfect to stand out from the crowd and make your appearance even more prominent. When it comes to the eyes, make sure you choose a sensuous cat eyes makeup similarly to Taylor Swift who knows how to turn her glimpse into a real asset.

Emma Roberts is one of the greatest fans of classy makeup and this time she decided to go for the golden eye makeup look. The result is indeed overwhelming, therefore, if you consider this style one of the most flattering ones for your skin tone and eye color, make sure you have similar shades in your makeup kit. Choose a fabulous eye shadow palette made up of different shades of gold and experiment with their application until you have the desired impression. Complement the look with nude lips if you're eager to leave the glimpse speak for yourself.