Achieving that perfect look seems possible with the help of the new makeup products out there and the new trends enable you to be super diverse with your makeup looks. If you’re looking for new sources of inspiration, check out the following new season celebrity inspired makeup looks, as they are definitely the must try looks of the moment.

Celebs pay a lot of attention to makeup, fashion and their overall image, so they are often seen sporting the latest trends in everything from hair to makeup. These looks compliment most skin tones and they are fairly easy to achieve on your own, so check them out and pick your favorite new season makeup look.

The beauty of the flicked eyeliner and red lips makeup is unmatchable and because there are so many fab red lip tints out there to choose from you won’t have a difficult time finding your best match. Hottie Demi Lovato demonstrates the timeless beauty of a simple eyeliner applied on the outline of the eyes for definition and the irresistible allure of red colored lips, so if you’re all about underlining your sexy side, don’t hesitate to give this look a try. However, keep in mind that this look attracts a generous amount of attention, so conceal any blemishes and create a flawless looking complexion using a matte or illuminating foundation.

Elegance at its finest exuded America’s sweetheart Selena Gomez at the 2011 MTV EMAs. The perfect balance between heavily accentuated eyes and sheer natural lips makes this look appropriate for various formal occasions, so if you want to make an impact yet still maintain a highly romantic attitude, turn towards smoked up eyes, illuminated cheekbones and sheer pink lips. To make the eyes pop smudge a bit of kohl eyeliner on your waterline and coat your eyelashes heavily with mascara. Opt for a shimmery rosy blush to accentuate your fabulous cheekbones and prepare to dazzle at every event!

If you’re not afraid to show off your natural beauty, emphasize your lips with a rich colored lipstick. Bright pink is one of the new season favorites as the warmth and edginess brought by this color is difficult to top. Modern, fierce and super feminine, just as Jennifer Hudson proves, this bright lip makeup is best matched with a soft eye makeup. Use soft neutral tones and black eyeliner if you want to make your eyes look even more flirty.

Photos courtesy of Getty Images