Mila Kunis, one of the sexiest women alive, always manages to impress with her incredibly hot and flawless appearances especially when it comes to red carpet events. So, do you gorgeous dolls want to learn how to steal this Hollywood babe’s stunning makeup look? Are you girls ready for something sultry, mysterious and incredibly intimidating? Check out this Mila Kunis smoky eye makeup tutorial and get a little inspiration!

Mila Kunis Smoky Eye Makeup Tutorial

Eyes are an area where you can be rather creative and try different looks from romantic to stunningly dramatic ones. And the smoky eye effect is undoubtedly simple drama being mostly used for special occasions. Besides, the best thing about the smoky eye makeup is that you can easily achieve it yourself with a little bit of patience and a great blending brush. The result? Ultra-glamorous and alluring!

Mila Kunis Smoky Eye Makeup Tutorial Step 1 and 2

Step 1. Start by applying a primer and then a medium-coverage foundation for a natural and glowing complexion. Apply an eye primer and using a larger brush or a sponge-tipped applicator apply the gold eyeshadow over the entire lid. For an outstanding effect, make sure you invest in a high-quality eyeshadow. The best choice would be a powder pigment that ensures an intense, long-lasting result.

Step 2. Now, with a precision brush apply a brown/taupe eyeshadow into the crease working it all the way to the brow bone and down to the lashline and therefore beautifully defining the shape of your makeup. Next, blend the brown eyeshadow using a fluffy brush in order to get the smoky effect. Then apply the same eyeshadow on the lower lid.

Mila Kunis Smoky Eye Makeup Tutorial Step 3 and 4

Step 3. It’s time to contour your lashline with a dark/black eyeshadow moving toward the outer corner of the eye and on the lower lid. Using the fluffy brush, blend away any harsh lines where the black eyeshadow meets the brown one.

Step 4. Then strongly contour the waterline and the lashline using a black kohl pencil that is next smudged. Two coats of mascara will add a seductive feel to your overall-look. Now, just a little retouch on the inner corner of the eye by applying a little bit more gold eyeshadow and you’re ready to break some hearts!

Mila Kunis Smoky Eye Makeup Tutorial

Finally, finish your smoky eye makeup look with the right amount of bronzer and peachy blush that will highlight your features without taking away the impact of the eyes. For the lips, use a nude lipstick and a thin coat of lipgloss on top.

Mila Kunis Smoky Eye Makeup Tutorial Step by Step Mila Kunis Smoky Eye Makeup Tutorial Finished Look

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