Guys seem to find makeup just as fascinating as we do. Indeed, rockers often top their attire with a polished and well-defined eye makeup. Smokey eyes and the smudged eyeliner look are among the no.1 choices. Here are the most stylish male rocker makeup ideas.

Modern day artists of Goth, Punk and Emo music often appeal to stylish makeup ideas to create the proper atmosphere for a show as well as to emphasize the gloomy and subtle mood of their music. However, some of them managed to popularize the trend to an extent that it became a real craze to wear eyeliner or 'guyliners' even paired with casual and less spectacular outfits.

Both rocker veterans as well as the rising stars sport eye-popping makeup, some stick to the basic rimming of the eyes, some go further to experiment with their skills in applying both eyeshadow and lipstick. However, it seems that the modern society and most of all the fans are ready to step in the footsteps of these chic celebrities and test the limits of public praise. They are some of the most well-known devotees of male rocker guyliner makeup.

Dave Navarro Billy Joe Armstrong

Dave Navarro, the Jane's Addiction guitarist and Carmen Electra ex-hubbie managed to spread the use of heavy eyeliner among rock music fans.
As one of the veteran rockers in the business it seems that he refuses to appear without his signature statement eye makeup. Indeed, the long stylish beard paired with the pointy eyebrows and piercing eyes are perfectly complemented and more, accentuated with the help of this beauty tool. Undoubtedly, Navarro was always notorious of the care he devoted for his look, no smudging or 'messed up' makeup.

On the other hand, Billy Joe Armstrong the famous Green Day frontman is rather a fan of the apparently spoil makeup. Smudging the eyeliner and eventually the smokey eyes is a real trademark of the singer.
Pairing his black or in cases blonde hair with the dark and somber eyeliner further upgrades his Punk look. His look can be either achieved with by simply using your fingers or the proper makeup brush.

Pete Wentz Adam Lambert

Pete Wentz (Fall Out Boy) and Adam Lambert ( American Idol) are the recent fans of the 'guyliner' trend. Both improving the style to perfection manage to popularize the use of eyeliner and dark black eyeshadow among fans of Rock music. There's something about the skills of these boys that is worth-admiring even by the most makeup-conscious girls.

No doubt about the fact that both of the rising starlets experimented with the application of this refined makeup until they found the ideal technique to bring out the best of their eyes.
The messy, tousled hairstyles are the perfect match to the mysterious and subtle illusion of this smudgy makeup look. Follow the lash line if you want to keep your makeup neat and without smudging.

Jared Leto Gerard Way

The male Rocker guyliner makeup was sported by the great forefathers of rock as Alice Cooper or Iggy Pop.
Jared Leto (30 Seconds to Mars) as well as Gerard Way (My Chemical Romance) go for the extremely telling and at the same time ultra-flattering eyeliner makeup.
Both of them match the bright-colored eyes with the profound bleak appearance of the smokey frame around the eyes.