Ask any makeup artist, the top tip to emphasize our best features is to work with a wider color palette. Juggling with the visual effect different shades can create will also allow us to play with our proportions. Before taking a plunge into your next dramatic makeover, make sure you analyze your features and skin tone.

Afterwards it is wise to drop a glimpse at the hottest celebrity makeup looks. Our fave beauty icons have the secret to a scene-stealing and ultra-glamorous appearance. Highlight your feminine allure using these lovely celebrity makeup ideas as the best source of inspiration. No matter what style you go for, the makeup guru team behind these stars is the guarantee that you’ll nail down a fail-safe beauty look.

Green Eye Makeup

Kate Beckinsale is always a top attraction also on and off the red carpet. Her beauty looks can serve as the best inspiration for those who are not afraid of working with bold shades. This dazzling green eye makeup enhanced her glimpse with unearthly glamor. In order to follow her footsteps all you have to do is use a creamy eyeliner to define your eye shape. Then you can proceed to the next level using the best green eye shadows shade that suits your eye color. Apply it on your lids and finish up your alluring eye makeup with mascara. Inject some volume and definition into your lashes to make sure you have that all-eyes-on-me groove.

Lovely Red Lips

Drew Barrymore is eager to wobble between the extremes of the color palette. Often she is spotted wearing a metallic smokey eye makeup, some other times, as in this case, she sports a barely there beauty trend and places the emphasis only on her luscious lips. Embrace the old time favorite red lips makeup trend by opting for the shade that complements your skin tone. Keep the eyes bare in order to make sure the focus stays on this very spot. Prep your lips for the pouch by conditioning it with a soothing lip balm. Use this celebrity makeup idea if you wish to radiate an innocent and delicate vibe.

Light Pink Eye Makeup

Audrina Patridge can run for the title of the ultimate beauty icon of the moment. She is always armed up with a high street and overwhelming makeup design that guarantees her the admiration of all style critics. This time she channeled her girly allure into a chic and muted light pink eye makeup. In order to copycat her look, all you have to do for a start is highlight the eyes with black eyeliner. Then you can apply the light pinky shade to the lids and crown your dazzling makeup look with a high class mascara. In spite of working with pastel shades, she still managed to dress up her glimpse with some extra glam. Sparkling makeup designs as the one illustrated above will serve as the best alternative to stand out from the crowd.