Leighton Meester is one of the most popular teen idols a title she managed to achieve with her fabulous red carpet as well as on screen appearances. Her always polished and girly hair styles as well as matching makeup styles serve as the best ingredients to occupy a prominent position on the beauty queen competition.

Indeed those who are fascinated by the versatile and ever surprising looks of our beloved Blair Waldorf should take a closer look at the Leighton Meester chic makeup looks below. Draw some inspiration from the following designs and make sure you choose the best shades and textures that bring out your best asserts and one-of-a-kind features. Wobble between the classy and muted and also wild and more profound shades to find the one that suits your preferences and reveals a bit of your personality.

Peachy Makeup

The rising starlet knows how to emphasize her spotless complexion as well as mesmerizing eye color. In this stylish peachy makeup she combine gold as the best shade that brings out her eyes as well as peachy tones for her cheeks and lips. The secret to pull off her look is to copycat the selection of the various shades and match the proper product textures to your skin type be it oily, dry or normal.

Apply the golden tint to your lids and top the eye makeup with mascara for rich and super-long lashes.Furthermore use the peachy cream or powder blush to define your cheeks with ease. Cover the cheekbones with a muted and girly tone of peachy blush. Finish up the A-list look with peachy lip gloss or lipstick depending on your preferences and beauty skills.

Purple Eye Makeup

No wonder beauty icons as Leighton Meester are also overwhelmed by the latest makeup color trends. Lavender is indeed the real deal when you crave for drama. Instead of choosing a super-dark shade make sure you opt for a tone that complements your complexion color. Fair skin as illustrated above looks fabulous when paired with a similar profound and mysterious eye makeup. Use a black eyeliner to define the shape of your eyes then apply purple to the lids. In order for a wilder and more alternative design make sure you cover with lavender also the lower lashline.

What could vamp up your makeup look more than the blood red lips. The young actress knows how to grab the attention of the cameras with her cutting edge look, therefore she dresses up her lips into this fabulous and hot color. In order to stay chic all throughout the season make sure you try your hand at this provocative and red carpet worth makeup trend. Remember purple is a key tone to use both this and also during the upcoming season.

White Eye Makeup

Enhance your glimpse with a more classy and feminine allure by adopting the white eye makeup trend. Leighton Meester obviously decided to adopt this design as the best option for a red carpet event that screams for class and suave shades and textures. Use the white eye shadow to cover your lids and lower lashline in order to offer the proper definition to your eye shape.

Besides being flirty, this trend will also illuminate your glimpse offering your look a more fairy-like and Hollywood glam inspired allure. Play up your sex-appeal by pairing the stylish white eye shadow with sensuous red lips. Tint this spot with the lipstick shade that best suits your skin tone and lip color. Complete the look with additional blush for a more classy and radiating effect.

Smokey Eyes

Smokey Eyes are uber-popular also among celebs who are eager to bring out their eye color as well as radiating glimpse with the use of deeper and more penetrating shades. Sport a similar piercing eye makeup by using a black eye liner first and foremost to define your eye shape. Then proceed to the lids and cover the outer corner with black or dark gray eye shadow. This way you’ll achieve a less vampy look and can turn the smokey eye design into a more classy and all skin tone flattering accessory. Crown the eye makeup with mascara for show-stopping lashes.

When it comes of the lips and cheeks make sure you use the same shades to highlight both of these spots. In this case Leighton Meester opted for her time-tested peachy pouch. The glossy effect of the lips would complete the overall makeup without stealing the focus from the eyes. If you would like to add your skin a healthier and more radiating effect us a peachy colored blush to define those cheeks. Keep your look neat and use high quality products to ensure the long-lasting effect of your makeup.