Kim Kardashian has definitely inspired women all over the world through her beauty and style and one of her beauty secrets is makeup. To add a touch of seductiveness to your look just like Kim take a peek at the following makeup looks Kim Kardashian opted for and draw inspiration for your next fab look!

Kim Kardashian is definitely one celebrity who loves to show off her femininity and what better way to do this than through the help of makeup. Her beauty is admired by men and women all over the world, but keep in mind that genes aren't the only important thing when it comes to looking impeccable. If you want to capture Kim's beauty essence, check out her makeup looks and draw inspiration for your next seductive makeup.

To ensure you choose right, make sure you adapt the colors and textures to suit your skin tone. You can go for lighter or darker hues if you wish to obtain a perfectly balanced and flattering makeup look which makes the best out of your complexion.

Kim Kardashian Inspired Makeup

Neutral hues and pastels are the perfect choice for a girl-next-door type of look and Kim Kardashian knows this season soft and seductive hues can bring more hotness than anything else. Perfect looking skin is essential for this type of makeup, so conceal any imperfections with concealer and apply a perfectly skin matching foundation which you can set with the help of a translucent powder. Concentrate the attention on your eyes by applying a nude soft shimmery eye makeup and adding false eyelashes which you will coat heavily with mascara. Groom your eyebrows and contour them with a touch of eyebrow makeup for a stunning look. A touch of rose or peach colored blush will give your skin a bit of color, while a nude colored lip gloss will subtly give your lips a luscious, sexy, yet innocent allure.

Kim Kardashian Inspired Makeup

If you're looking to shine and grab all the attention wherever you go, opt for a heavier makeup, but keep in mind that there is a fine line between glamorous and total disaster, a line which you should never cross. This type of makeup allows you to play with bolder hues and since red lips are the must have of evening (but not only) makeup find the perfect hue for you. Keep your complexion looking flawless with the help of a foundation which offers you perfect coverage. Because the lips will be heavily coated in color, it's best to balance the look by opting for a natural eye makeup, a set of natural falsies coated with a black colored mascara. A touch of peach or tan colored blush will add that must have cheek definition you need so that you look breathtaking.

Kim Kardashian Inspired Makeup

If your eyes are your “best asset”, then make sure you make the best of them by using makeup to bring them out even more. Kim Kardashian always draws attention to her eyes through makeup, so draw inspiration from her style and use earth tones to make them pop. A mix of plum and brown tones can make brown colored eyes look amazing, so experiment with these hues and make your eyes stand out. Apply a dark colored eyeliner on the waterline to emphasize the dimension of your look and coat the eyelashes heavily with mascara.
A nude lipstick topped with clear lipstick and a touch of blush are all you need next to ensure your look is perfectly balanced without your eyes to lose their statement status.

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