There are some general rules on how makeup must be worn on different parts of the face. Find out what celebrity wears makeup properly and get inspired by them!

FaceHow to apply makeup foundationClean face with your favorite lotion to remove any impurity, then use a very good moisturizer all over your skin and give it a time to settle in. Makeup will look flawless if you’re applying concealer to camouflage imperfections and will balance out complexion by hiding out blemishes and under-eye circles.

Use your fingertips to apply small amounts of concealer around the eyes, nose, chin and the center of your forehead. Pick up small amounts of foundation with a thick brush or sponge and gently brush forward until it’s completely blended into the skin. The look you want to get it’s an even, smooth canvas. Just remember, when applying foundation, the main idea is not to cover the skin – is to give it an even color, without looking heavy.

She wears it best:Rachel Bilson – She looks always fresh because she applies the base and foundation evenly. Rachel prefers hydrating products that promote that super healthy glow to the skin.

CheeksHow to apply blushesThe blush-brush will be too loaded at the first application, so the most important thing is to shake or blow off the excess and use a popping technique while applying it. This will create a natural flushing look, the color will just gently and slowly come forward on the skin. Smile while applying the blush.

She wears it best:Sienna Miller – She’s always acquainted with the latest trends in makeup. Sienna’s cheeks define a look that’s really fresh and healthy glowing.

EyesHow to apply eye shadows and mascaraIf you want small eyes to look larger, use a neutral shadow on the mobile lid (the idea is that light shades brighten the eye) and apply a darker shade in the crease. Use eyeliner avoiding the inner corners.

If you want big eyes appear a bit smaller, use a darker warm shade in the mobile lid (dark shades of eye shadow effectively create a closing effect). Stick to pencil eyeliners – liquid ones tend to be too heavy on pronounced eyes. If you consider that your eyes are closer together, you can create the illusion of being apart by using a darker shade, stroke it outward and slightly upward from the middle part of your lid to the outer half of your lid. Apply mascara by wiggling the wand at the base of the lashes and then pull up. Also, don’t over exaggerate your brows, keep them nice and soft – you don’t want them rigid looking – you want just as slight bit of a wispy look that soften the eyes.

She wears it best:Rihanna – She doesn’t step aside from wearing bold eye makeup, even if her skin tone is pretty fastidious. We don’t know if she does her own makeup, but she certainly can carry off ultra glam looks.

LipsHow to apply lipstickBefore applying lip liner and lipstick, moisturize with lip balm. Then, if you want your lips to appear more pouty, use the lip liner the same color as your lips to accentuate your “cupid’s bow.” Using a lip gloss that’s shade has a slight iridescence and letting it creep up to the crest of the lip can give the illusion of a fuller mouth. But this requires a very light touch. If you want your “kissies” appear smaller skip lip liner, but if you like to have those looks then soften edge with your finger. Give the finishing touch to your makeup with luscious, brightly colored lips.

She wears it best:Megan Fox – The foxy actress’ eye makeup is kept minimal and simple, leaving lips overpower her glam look.