Celebrities have always tried to maintain themselves on the same level with the new trends whether it’s fashion, hair or makeup, as image is a very important detail. Makeup plays a very important role when it comes to image for women, so no wonder that celebrities are sporting some of the hottest new season makeup looks. If you’re searching for some new makeup ideas, check out these hot new season celebrity makeup looks for 2011 and adapt the styles you like to your personality so you can dazzle with every appearance.

New Season Celebrity Makeup Looks 2011

Naturalness is definitely the buzzword this fall/winter 2011 season as nothing can top natural beauty, but that doesn’t mean that you should ditch using makeup. There are various makeup products designed to match the new makeup trends, so opt for those products to underline your facial features. Warm and neutral tones are the perfect way to obtain a natural look, so go for a touch of light shimmery brown eyeshadow, add a bit of depth to your look by applying a black/brown eyeliner around the eyes which you’ll gently smudge with a brush or an eyeshadow application sponge. A bit of blush and a nude lip gloss are all the products you need next to create a seductive yet natural look just like the one donned by supermodel Adriana Lima.

Fab New Season Celebrity Makeup Looks 2011

Kim Kardashian might have changed her marital status, but she certainly didn’t change her style as sultry/seductive is the look that defines Kim. A mix of dirty lavender and deep grey eyeshadow can pose as a great way to enhance the beauty of your eyes, so inspire yourself from Kim Kardashian’s makeup and go darker with your eyeshadow. Apply a black eyeliner (pencil) on your waterline and go for falsies and mascara to finish the look. Obviously no makeup look is perfect without flawless looking skin, so conceal any imperfections with concealer, foundation and powder. Define the bone structure with a rosy/peach/tan blush and complete your look by applying a nude lipgloss that will let your eyes capture all the attention.

New Season Celebrity Makeup Looks 2011

Brown tones are super popular this fall/winter 2011 season, so don’t hesitate to experiment and give various tones a try as brown eye makeup. Go for shimmery products if you want to obtain a dewy, glowing sort of look just like Keri Hilson and balance the brown eye makeup by applying a black eyeshadow close to the eyelashes in an ascending pattern at the corners of the eyes to get a cat-eye look that states seductiveness. Apply some bronzer on your complexion to get a boost of radiance and top your look with a nude lipstick that will also give your look a certain innocence that cannot be overlooked.

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