The party season encourages all beauty bunnies to strip off their confidence issues. Hollywood has a myriad of inspiring looks that can help us pick the most impressive beauty trends. In terms of party makeup ideas we’ll have the opportunity to flip through numerous collections launched by our favorite beauty brands.

These dapper parades include various eye shadow palettes and delicious pouches. Prepare for your clubbing nights with the following glam celebrity makeup ideas. Discover the sexy ways to sparkle and break out of your boring shell. Use your creative talent to master the art of playing with the A-list beauty trends of the moment.

Golden Eye Makeup

Monica is a real glam diva when it comes to red carpet appearances. Her look radiates effortless chic and elegance. Choosing gold as your statement shade is one of the top tricks to shine through the crowd with your party makeup. In order to achieve a drop-dead-gorgeous effect all you have to do is define the eyes with black eyeliner. Then add a gilded sparkle to your lids by covering them with gold eye shadow. Pay special attention to your lashes as these can dress up your glimpse with a sultry vibe. Complete your makeup with nude lipstick you can apply to your sensual lips.

Berry Lip Makeup

Demi Lovato flashes her flirty and high street look on the red carpet. Keeping her glimpse super-soft and vamped up with false eyelashes is the best means to attract immediate attention. This time, the Disney star switched things up a bit and opted for berry gloss to bring out the most of her lovely lips. The intoxicatingly beautiful combo of the sultry eye makeup and perfect pout granted her with the privilege of staying in the spotlight. Steal Demi’s look if you’re ready to kiss goodbye to your muted and plain look.

Coral Eye Makeup

Rihanna is a real beauty chameleon. She loves to wobble between the extremes of girly and sultry makeup designs. This time she decided to stick with a fabulous coral eye makeup that further strengthens the rising popularity of this cute hue. In order to obtain the same vibrant effect it is important to define the shape of your eyes with a liquid or creamy eyeliner. Then grab your multi-tonal eye shadow palette and cover your lids with the various coral shades. Bring out the most of your curvy lashes with mascara and finish up your dazzling makeover by tinting your lips with a soft and silky nude gloss.

Image courtesy of Getty Images