Keeping your look natural and neat is indeed one of the most important makeup lessons to learn. Those who are eager to flash the beauty of their complexion with the most stylish shades and textures completing the simple no-makeup look with additional muted colors and effects should take a closer glimpse at the girl next door celebrity makeup ideas. These besides teaching you how to combine the various pastel and candy shades as well as offering the best blueprint to copycat can also serve you with makeup ideas guys love and that are popular due to their ability to reveal the natural features and unique qualities of the face. Adopt a similar trend if you are eager to follow the example of your idols who popularize these makeup trends also on the red carpet.

Ashley Greene is one of the rising stars of Hollywood who managed to mesmerize the world with her natural beauty as well as unique acting talent and last but not least sex-appeal. However it seems that the young diva is more keen to sport girl next door style makeup designs rather than bright shades and out-of-this-world looks. In this case however she chose the lips that should be accentuated with a similar oh-so-beloved pink pout. Use this trick to pair your neutral colored eyes, as in this case the ivory shade with a more eye-popping shades to shift the attention to your kissable lips. Besides the proper application of the various shades make sure you lips are perfectly condition. The eyes have it in combo with the polished pout therefore appeal to this chic contrast with confidence.

Fergie landed both on the best dressed as well as red carpet beauty list with her fabulous appearance presented above. Indeed she knew that a dewy complexion as well as brownish eye shadow and a nude lipstick would all contribute to the standing ovation she earned for this trend. The apparent simplicity of the makeup hides in fact a well-defined application. The cheeks are highlighted with stylish blush whereas the eyes are brought out with brown eye shadow able to make her glimpse memorable and charming. Finally she finished up the look with the nude lip gloss which adds a more prominent emphasis to this spot. Use the same products in order to pull off this stylish and minimalist look that works fabulously both for office and school days as well as casual outings.

The look presented here by Blake Lively is yet another example on the most flirtatious girl next door makeup trend. The girly tinted lips paired with the bare eyes highlighted only by a black eyeliners as well as mascara proves to be one of the most classy and time-tested ideas to pull off an award-winning look in spite of being a rookie in this art. Try your hand at the various designs and pair the right shades to your skin tone as well as eye color. Draw the line of your eyes with a chic eyeliner and remember mascaras are the cherry on the cake therefore you must apply them according to the thickness as well as length of your lashes. Crown your makeup with rosy cheeks using a fab blush then finish up the look with a stylish pink lipstick or gloss as you can see in the example above.

Hayden Panettiere is indeed one of the incurable fans of the smokey eye makeup. Indeed her green eyes are perfectly accentuated when paired with classy black shades. First and foremost you have to highlight the fine shape of your eyes to ensure the eye-popping effect of your glimpse. Then apply the eye shadow be it brown or black the point is to create the illusion of a perfectly proportionate eye shape. Finish up the eye makeup with mascara for volume and depth. In this case Hayden skips the cheek makeup and devotes more attention to her lips. The peachy-color tinted lips would serve as the best means to win the heart of guys as this is one of the beloved trends men appreciate and find attractive. Use a peachy lip gloss, lip balm, or lipstick to complete your makeup and look simply gorgeous.