More and more celebrities reveal their most precious secrets on how to have a worth-admiring look both in casual and on the red carpet. Offering these tips, we’ll be able to flash the beauty of our features. Makeup is one of the best tools to hide beauty flaws and accentuate dazzling eyes, sensual lips and splendid cheeks.

Megan Fox earned the title of the most attractive woman and supernatural beauty several times already. Her incandescent eyes became a trademark of the actress. There’s nothing that can stop us from imitating her look in order to enjoy the success she does. What could be more helpful than to find the basic steps on how to get Megan Fox’s radiant eyes.

The makeup base is just as important for the actress as the rest of the magic. In order to mask the dark circles that might appear under the eyes she offers a great trick. Applying a concealer which is yellow-based will solve the problem carefully preparing the canvas for the following steps. The secret lies in using a lighter shade of concealer in this critical spot than our natural skin tone.

When it comes to eye shadow, Megan Fox swears by the use of a golden tint. The gold or in cases white shade is applied between the eyebrow and the lash line. This is the first move in accentuating the eyes and giving a frame to the whole eye makeup. Finally add a smoky charcoal shade on the crease, the smoky eyes look will spectacularly emphasize and zoom her sparkling blue eye color.

Megan Fox is one of the greatest and most voguish examples for those who are fans of cat eye makeup. Therefore, eyeliners enjoy a central role in the whole process. Apply it to the upper lash line and make sure you do it with one move ruling out the chance of an uneven line.

Go off the edges, heading a bit upwards in the style you could have spotted at Cleopatra. It’s also one of her rules that she chooses to play up either the lower or upper lash line.

If you have beautiful curly lashes, you won’t need any preparation before you apply the mascara. However if you have smaller and less dense ones, you better use this beauty tool to bring out the best of them. You can even use false eyelashes if you want to make the look more breath-taking. Finally top the eye makeup with black uniform mascara.

If you want to devote special attention to the eyebrows, use a brow pencil to define the arch of it and emphasize the refined form of your accessories. This look paired with the eye-popping makeup will give you the ultimate Megan Fox look with guaranteed applause.