See what celebrities are fug and fab without makeup on. Here are some examples of celebrities without makeup and how makeup can enhance one's looks.

Makeup can turn even the most plain woman into a beautiful hot babe as well, not all of was were born looking like goddesses. We all dread the idea of stepping out the door looking...well...let's put it nicely...faded, so it's not a surprise that our makeup kit is definitely our best friend in the morning. Since ordinary women rarely feel comfortable going out without makeup, you can imagine a public person would 'not be caught dead' without makeup, but it seems like the paparazzi have managed to spot some brave celebrities without makeup. The result? Well..mostly shock, especially since we're used to seeing them all the difference is even more dramatic since no-makeup celeb looks are a rare sighting.

Makeup can actually transform a person you might be surprised of how celebrities look without makeup on, so take a peek at the following snaps and see which shocks you the most:

Misha Barton Without Makeup

Misha Barton

Celebrities spend a lot on their image, so they can look drop dead gorgeous and flawless.

Jessica Simpson No Makeup Photo

Jessica Simpson

Celebrities turn for the help of professional makeup artists to help them achieve that flawless look and bring out the most of their features.

Rihanna without makeup


Makeup artist are well trained in the art of makeup so they know how and to apply makeup in order to hide or emphasize certain flaws or features.

There are so many things you can do with makeup and this is why makeup has been and will always be appreciated.

Angelina Jolie No Makeup Face
Angelina Jolie

Halle Berry No Makeup

Halle Berry

Celebrities are rarely seen without makeup on but when they don't wear it, they're in all magazines and gossip blogs.

Katie Holmes without makeup

Katie Holmes

There are pictures with almost all celebrities without makeup and some don't look very different but some don't even look like themselves.

Jennifer Lopez No Makeup

Jennifer Lopez

Who knows, maybe they were having a bad day or the picture came out wrong, they might not look as bad as they do in the pictures but holy moly what a difference is all I can say.

Heidi Klum No Makeup

Heidi Klum

Makeup is definitely the best thing yet invented when it comes to cosmetics because the difference it makes is huge. It doesn't hurt and it's a lot cheaper than plastic surgery so learn how to apply your makeup properly and get ready for a radical change every time you feel like it.